Weekly Photo Challenge: Curiosity

I’m going to tell you right off the bat that I will not be doing this weekly even though it’s called the “Weekly Challenge”.

  1. I don’t want my blog to become a photography blog
  2. I don’t think I’m a good enough photographer to find a photo every week based on a randomly supplied theme
  3. … a few other reasons too, but I’ll stop there

However, when scouring the pages of the Weekly Photo Challenge, there were a few themes that popped out at me because I knew that I already had photos that would fit into those particular categories.

And so, sporadically (to keep things interesting), I’m going to throw in a Weekly Photo Challenge photo (possibly current, maybe an out-dated theme of the ones I already have photos for) to show off my little bit of talent that I have.

I have always loved taking photos – my first digital camera was a gift way back in 2002. It was an Olympus, but for the life of me I would not know what the model was. And ever since I’ve grown extremely fond of taking photos, even though I’ve never been on a course to learn, and I still use my current camera (Nikon P100) mostly as a “point and click” because I am clueless with the endless other amazing functions and settings the camera has. But, I still have fun dabbling and I must admit that some of my photos come out pretty decent (maybe that’s just fools luck though?! :wink:)

I’ll start off this new side to my blog with a series of photos about Curiosity. It’s one of the very first Weekly Challenge themes, however it was very fitting today when my cat, Cliffy, tasted human food for the first time!  Enjoy 🙂



** photos taken with my iPhone 4S


10 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Curiosity

  1. Hi nutty, I am curious too just like your cat. You take good pictures. Hope come there are no icons for Press this, facebook, etc. I notice in your previous post, there were some. Good day.


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