Common sense = simple instructions

A little chuckle I enjoyed when using the metro the other day (for the first time in, like, forever) and had to share!

I don’t know what it’s like in whatever city/country you’re reading this from, but Dubai (in fact, the whole of the UAE most likely) suffers from a serious lack of “common sense”. Maybe it’s me being small-minded, but surely people would realise that you need to let users off the train / out of the lift before trying to enter? Surely?

Anywho, this picture made me giggle – someone at the Metro has obviously had enough of the shoving and they are not leaving anything up to “common sense” anymore… simple instructions will do nicely, thanks!

The sticker on the top left-hand side of the window says “Queue to one side and let passengers off the train first” – sheer brilliance 😉


6 thoughts on “Common sense = simple instructions

  1. Hazy, Mom and I saw the signs when we were in Dubai in April and used the Metro. Also saw the people who ignored them or who were unable to read. Remember the problem with common sense is that it is not that common


    • It will be a glorious day here in Dubai when people follow these instructions – I was fortunate enough to be using the metro during off-peak hours and therefore was not subjected to the craziness on this particular day.
      Loved your post too – a real great take on the issue!
      Thanks for visiting my blog 🙂


  2. Sadly, it’s not just Dubai. Singapore and Kuala Lumpur have to have similar notices, which are often disregarded, and I have personally been bowled over, back into the train in Cairo, right on my behind, by folks trying to get in as I was disembarking. And that was the Ladies Only car!


    • That is just crazy, Stacy! It really is a pet peeve of mine… I’m learning to elbow people now if they try shove in when I’m getting out of the lift 😉
      Thanks for visiting my blog!


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