Getting to know your blogger

I’ve only had a “public” blog for about a year now, but I actually started this blog 5 and a half years ago!

I started this blog when I moved to Dubai in 2008, with the intention of keeping easily in touch with my friends and family back home, and not having to send large emails with hundreds of photos.

Since its first entry in 2008, I’ve remodelled it, I’ve done “facelifts”, I’ve changed platforms (was originally using another blogging platform but moved across to WordPress), I’ve changed the name and am constantly trying to find topics to keep you guys interested.

And then I started loving the blogging world and decided to go public with my stories and my ramblings… and now that I have followers (thank you guys!) I’m thinking that maybe it’s time for you to get to know me a little more, and maybe I can get to know you too and write about what you want to read?!

10 random facts about me:

  • I’ve had a drink named after me (Hazelbee)
  • I am a terrible cook (but really want to get better)
  • I am addicted to Facebook
  • I can do 50 “guys” push-ups (and 2 years ago couldn’t even do 5 “girlie” ones!)
  • I can do 3 (ok, 2 and a biiiig struggle on the 3rd) pull ups (like you see big, sexy, strong men do in the movies!)
  • I’ve been to 31 countries (including the 2 that I have lived / currently live in)
  • I can speak whale (thanks Dory :))
  • I’m crap at compiling a list about me
  • I love your feedback


So, now that I’ve bared a little, why don’t you too – tell me what it is you like and what you don’t like (be reasonably kind, please ;)) about my blog.

And is there anything that you’d like to specifically see me write about? One post or a series of posts. Facebook readers, please share your thoughts in the comments below, and not on Facebook – thank you muchly 😛

Hit me with it!


7 thoughts on “Getting to know your blogger

  1. Hi Hazy,I really love reading all about you and your adventure and travels. By the way I’m not just saying that because I am your dad, I think you write really interesting stuff.


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