RAK 2014 on the calendar

It’s official – I’ve signed up for the RAK 2014 half marathon, taking place on 14th Feb 2014. That’s 246 days away.

I will only start my official race training 8 weeks prior to the race (so that would be on 20th December), but between now and then I intend on doing loads of other exercising and keeping fit (and keeping my physio happy when she next sees me and is able to tell me that my knee is now perfect *hoping*)

I’m trying to be very diligent during the week to do at least 4 days (but 5 would be the absolute winner) of working out. These days (should) go something like this:

Sundays = cycling (ok, just a stationary bike in the gym, but I’m doing at least 20kms)

Mondays = kickboxing or short-cycle-plus-leg workout (depends on the week as kickboxing runs on alternate weeks)

Tuesdays = upper body

Wednesdays = Pilates or short-cycle-plus-leg workout (again, depends on the week)

Thursdays = all-over-body-heart-rate-boosting workout

That’ll be from now until September (and when I’m not back-and-forth to Kurdistan). Then in September I’ll start running again – when the temperatures get back to “normal”. Maybe I’ll even get a chance to use my miCoach to it’s full potential!

I have a few friends who have registered too so hopefully we can all spur each other along and keep each other motivated when the time gets closer to the race (it’s a complete bummer when silly season hits in December and my friends are all focused on drinking and partying, and I’m hitting the peak of my training… oh, and I have a birthday/New year thrown in there too which is no fair! Although saying that, I do love how I feel after a run and that definitely helps to keep me going!)

The current fastest mens half marathon time was run in 2010 by Zersenay Tadese in a time of 58:23. The fastest RAK mens finishing time was 58:52, run by Patrick Macau in 2009.

The women followed not that far behind in 2011 with a time of 65:50 run by Mary Keitany and it was in the RAK half marathon that year that she claimed this world record time.

Some seriously hard-core running right there!


2 thoughts on “RAK 2014 on the calendar

  1. I’m signed up too – will start doing a bit more running over the next few weeks and make the most of the European summer. I’m sure come August when I’m back out in the UAE I’ll find running outdoors tough, tough, tough.


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