Beer me

I love beer – I have always loved beer.

I'm sure I should be blaming my parents...?

I’m sure I should be blaming my parents…?

When I lived in South Africa, I religiously attended the German School Beerfest which was held annually in May (I believe it is still running each year). I went to 9 of these babies IN-A-ROW, and when the 10th year came around, my boyfriend at the time had a pretty messed up family and his father chose this time of year to hate the world and end his life (this probably comes across very cold-hearted, but at the time it was obviously a very sad time for everyone).

And so, off to Cape Town we went on the weekend of (what-would-have-been) my 10th Beer fest to say our goodbye’s to boyfriend’s dad.


The next year (would-have-been-11), fell on the centenary year of the beer fest and so I made sure I did not miss this special year – 10 beer fests under my belt, and I got this awesome mug to show for it! 😆

So, as I’m sure you’ve guessed, the subject of this post is beer; with a silly story thrown in for good measure. Back to beer then.

On all of my travels (well, most of the more recent ones to be truthful) I do my best to take a photo of the local beer (if there is one; alternatively just any beer that I’m drinking) to remind me of the pure enjoyment I get when opening up a cold brewskie. Come on then, join me on a beer-photo-trip around my-travelled-part of the world 🙂 (scroll over the photos to see where the beer is from, and the name of each beer)

Cheers! Prost! Sláinte!










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