My miCoach

I have finally done it! I’ve used my miCoach that I won in FEBRUARY!

I know, I know – I have not done much running (or even blogging about it) for a long time now… My last post was in February!

I have (mostly) valid excuses for that though… since that post I have been out of the country more than in; I’ve been getting myself (sort of) settled in my apartment; I’ve been on holiday back home where I caught up with friends I haven’t seen in absolute yeeears; I’ve had mom and James visit for 2 nights on their way home; I’ve had a drink named after me – a Hazelbeee 🙂



The weather has been really good to us for the last week or so and I had every intention of getting in a few runs this week in preparation for a race on 4th May, but alas! I have not really had the chance for numerous reasons (don’t even get me started!)

And so admittedly, my use of the miCoach has not been as successful as I would have liked – but it is unpacked, manual has been read and my profile has begun online…. I’ve even got a “fake” workout in my history when I was testing the thing out (sitting at my desk LOL). I did try use it for kickboxing during the week but I did not have any earphones or anything in when starting it up so I did not hear the prompts and quite possibly did not press the right button at the right time to get the thing going. Harumph 😕

However, I am going to wear it for my race on Saturday and will report back. Watch this space 🙂


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