Boston Bombings

I’m having a day where I feel like I have a huge amount to say, but it’s stuff that should rather remain private.

So, instead of saying what I need to, I’m rather going to just have my say about something totally irrelevant to my situation – at least I get to say something 😉


I am totally outraged and disgusted that someone would do something like this. I woke up this morning to Facebook comments going crazy about it all, and so naturally when I got to the office I’ve been sprawling the interweb for reports of the incident. I came across one particular website with extremely graphic photos and I have to share it. PROCEED WITH CAUTION – THEY ARE EXTREMELY GRAPHIC! 

A colleague of mine suggested that it had been aimed at the winners – a sad way to stop a particular person from winning – but they went off at least 4 hours after the start of the race; the winners would have been across the line at least 2 hours before that 😦

I have not been a runner for very long, but it is something that I am extremely passionate about and my heart aches for every single person at that race, especially the people who were not able to complete the race. It was likely some people’s first race and the amount of training (mentally and physically) that they would have put into that day, to have it ripped out from underneath them by some assholes who decided it was a good day to bomb a public area, is soul-destroying. And to the 3 (hopefully not more) people who have lost their lives – I cannot express how sad I am for you, and your families now having to deal with this.

Running is a competitive sport, but it brings so many people together, and everyone who has ever run in a race will agree with me that when you’re out there, the other runners might be your competition but they’re also your allies… we all edge each other on when you see someone struggling. But this kind of support should not ever be needed in a race.

It is a sad day.



3 thoughts on “Boston Bombings

  1. I’m with u 100% Hazy! Such a sad day for the running community as a whole! We must unite and stay strong and run in solidarity for those who perished and those who were hurt! We are runners and we are all together in this! My heart goes out to the victims! 😦


  2. Such a horrific thing to have happened… and it seem like it was the spectators waiting for their loved ones to cross the finish line that were targeted and hurt… what are the attackers trying to prove? That they are hero’s ‘cos they can blow up innocent people who are gathered to support their friends and family? There are some really sick people out there and it really baffles my mind as to what has gone on in the attackers lives to make them think this is the right thing to do??? So sickening!


    • It is such an unnecessary act of violence! A marathon (or any event for that matter) is a day about camaraderie, not killing!
      Sadness prevails today, and it will forever taint the Boston Marathon 😦


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