Spinnivering at Yas Waterworld

Yas Waterworld is such an amazing experience that I made up a word to describe just how amazing it is!! Spinnivering. That’s the word. It means, “spinning” and “shivering” – because that’s what we did at Yas Waterworld!

My friend TM invited me to share in this great GroupOn deal that another friend of hers was trying to get people to join. It was a deal for AED750 which covered entrance to the park for 2 people, and a one night stay at the Park Rotana (not Yas Rotana, but more on that in a bit…), including breakfast, for 2 people. Great deal, especially when you consider that the tickets for the park cost AED225 per person!

We headed down early-ish on Friday morning, having our mandatory stop at McD’s for sausage and egg McMuffins, and then proceeded on our way to Yas Island, and on to Yas Rotana to check in. Oops! Somebody didn’t read all the details properly and on arrival at the Yas Rotana, we soon realised (when they could not find our reservation) that we were at the wrong Rotana. Back in the car and off for another 15 or so minutes to the right one. But it was a score – the new one was a 5 star, whereas the first one was only a 4. And it was a lovely hotel!! They even had talcum powder in the hotel rooms teehee 😆

Anyway, we threw on our swimmers and headed back to the park to spend the afternoon watersliding. We deliberated for a few minutes upon entering as to where we should start – this place is HUGE! We somehow decided to start with the Dawwama and the Falcon’s Falaj; the decision was probably based upon the fact that these 2 rides allow 6 people on a tube, and we were 6 people.

We hopped on, into the freezing water and held our breath as we went through the first little trickles of water…. But, I’m not going to go into too much detail on the ride experiences – you will have to go yourself! What I will say is that Dawwama is da BOMB!


After braving the freezing water slides, we tried to find the roller coaster (yes, at a water park!) and while venturing the enormousness of the park, we walked across the “beach” area and could not understand why people were willingly heading into this (freezing) water… and so we headed over ourselves. Only to discover that the water was WARM! It was fabulous! We hung out there for a little bit, and then headed back on our quest.


The roller coaster is really cool. As a major roller coaster fan, I found that it was a tad slow, and not very “scary”; but, this is a water park roller coaster, and caters to ALL ages. It was, nonetheless, fun.

After a bit of lunch we started questioning whether we wanted to get back into the freezing water or not, but eventually made a joint decision that we’re here, we may as well freeze it out a bit more and hit some more slides.

We found the “Slither’s Slides” which is a series of 6 slides with a snake theme. You can imagine our excitement when we stepped into the water and discovered that it too was WARM!


We only managed 5 of the 6 due to losing interest in the last one as the queues had grown huge. Once again I will not give away details of the slides… but I will tell you that these are the most AMAZING slides ever! Especially one in particular (number 6, aka, the last one).

We enjoyed a giggle when a young boy was trying to jump the queue, and I told him (very politely, as I do) that it is not a good idea to push in…. especially not in front of mwa! He looked at me and with all seriousness said “But the line is sooooo long?!”

After we’d finished the Slither’s Sliders we decided to call it a day and head back to the hotel to have a nice warm shower and freshen up before hitting the pub.

We found Creepers Coopers Bar to be the bar of choice, since they offered a 12-hour happy hour!!!! And once inside, we found out even better news that they were having a ladies night from 8pm until 10pm – free Bubbly!!!

Needless to say it was also a great fun night with dancing, probably a bit too much drinking, and loads of laughing!





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