ATP Tennis Finals – Dubai

I’m not even going to try and pretend that I can be a sports journo in order to write this post… It’s never going to happen. I’ll just say what I have to say!

I went to my first-ever tennis match (not with me playing, but with real-live, World’s top – that includes #1 – players playing!) aaaages ago (the next few posts are all very delayed 😦 )

It was the ATP tour in Dubai at the end of Feb beginning of March and I bought a ticket, with a co-worker, to go watch the finals.

The doubles match was at 5pm, and the men’s singles at 7pm, so we got there at about 3:30pm in order to grab ourselves decent seats and get a drink and some nibbles before the match started.

The stands were pretty empty when we arrived, although there were lots of chairs reserved by people tying their jersey’s to the seats, and we knew that the tickets were sold out. We were advised at the end of the evening that approximately 110,000 people had attended the event over the course of the week!! Shoowee!!!

What fun! The doubles match was pretty close (7-6, 7-6); most of the crowd were cheering for Bhupathi and Lhodra since Bhupathi is Indian, and inevitably there were many Indians in the crowd.

But the men’s finals – wow was it intense! I even commented at one point that I was getting way too stressed out! The rally’s were great fun to watch, and so were the incredibly high-speed serves – the fastest one being 213km’s / hour!!! (Didn’t get a photo of it though…) Novak Djokovic managed to keep on top of the game, but Tomas Berdych gave him a run for his money in the beginning! It certainly made things very interesting in the first few sets! The final score was 7-5, 6-3.

We had this Indian couple sitting behind us and they were really into it all! During the double’s match they, obviously, kept shouting for Bhupathi, but during the single’s match they got rather annoying. The lady was supporting Djokovic and the guy was supporting Berdych. She kept saying things like “One more Novak”, and “Let’s go Novak” and they just became too much.

Anyway, that’s enough of my rambling about it – rather enjoy the photos I took!







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