Desert Drumming

And now for something completely different…

i went Desert Drumming with L and SDB’s family a few weekends back, and it certainly was different. And interesting. And fun. Fun mostly for the kids who ran around on the dunes, sand boarding, camel riding, and general sand-adventures (with me chasing after 3-year olds who wanted to venture into the great beyond!)
But it was also fun for the adults to get out of the city and enjoy a night of music (drumming, played by everyone there!), cheap-as-chips drinks, and some pretty tasty food.

We met up at the Gulf Ventures meeting point in Al Awir – a drive into the middle of nowhere – and then hopped into their 4×4’s for a quick drive into the desert. I was hoping for a bit of a sand-bashing experience but the few other people in the car with us weren’t too happy about that idea so our driver took it easy. Poo.
Anyway, we reached the site and got out the car, being greeted by a night full of stars, an almost-full moon, and the beat of drums coming from the dip below us. It was a very “earthy” experience (if I can say that without sounding like a hippie-type-of-person?!)

Since L and I arrived a bit later than our friends, we joined the already large group of drummers and soon enough we were picking up the rhythm. The hostess goes through a “story”, using short sentences to make the beats of the drums easier to remember, and gets the crowd to drum their way through it. By the end of the session, we were pretty much in unison, and later on listening to the next group, you could really enjoy sitting back and being relaxed by the sound of the drums!

In-between the 2 “sessions” (everyone could take part in both, there was no division; however my group of friends all only drummed once), they had fresh shwarma’s being prepared, and a little later on a full buffet Arabic-style meal. Water and the full buffet were included in the ticket cost, and the cheap-as-chips drinks included soft drinks and alcoholic for those that way inclined.
And after dinner, they had a belly dancer and then some other dancers to entertain the crowds.

It ended up being a very relaxing, and enjoyable night out!

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