Running for fun now…

I haven’t blogged about my running training for the last 2 weeks because I haven’t had anything on the go that I’m actually training for…. but I have still been running!

I decided that since I did such a good job in my half marathon that I would award myself a week off and do absolutely nothing. Although, the “absolutely nothing” part did not happen because I used this week to run around after work each evening, moving my belongings between the many houses that they are currently strewn over (this is definitely a negative part about leaving someone 😦 )
Anyway, last week I was dog sitting for a friend of mine – they have a gorgeous Border Collie, named Maeby (I know, strange name… apparently it comes from some Canadian TV show, so any Canadians reading this, you can feel free to enlighten the rest of us 😉 ) and Maeby LOVES running. She’s extremely energetic and trying to leave the house with her on her lead is an almost-impossible task – she takes you for a run, and not the other way around!
Since she is not my dog, and I am not extremely familiar with her on and off a lead, I always leave the house with her on it, run around the corner until we’re out of the main housing area, and then let her loose when we reach the back of the compound – and off she bolts!!
I tend to jog at my normal pace, and she is brilliant – as soon as she realises that I’m not near her, she stops, turns around, looks for me, sometimes runs back and then bolts off again. So clever! And if I feel that she’s getting a little too far away, all I have to say is “slowly”, or call her name, and she immediately stops and runs back to me!
My favourite is when she rolls around in the sand – hopefully mom and dad normally let her do this LOL – as she just looks hilarious! Yes, I do give her a rubbing off when we reach home so that she doesn’t drag the desert in with her 😉
Next week I will officially be moving into my new place and life will get a regular routine going again – which will involve many runs, and trying out my new miCoach! Very excited for this!

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