The lonely cruiser

I have done it – gone on a holiday on my own! It wasn’t entirely by choice, but certain events that happened in January meant that I ended up going on a cruise, booked for 2 people, on my own instead.

And it wasn’t that bad! Yes, it was a little bit lonely, especially at first when everyone had someone to talk to, and I didn’t. I sat at breakfast and lunch alone. I was at the pool on my own. I walked around on my own. But, at dinner, everyone was assigned a table based on your nationality – so I sat at a table with 4 other South Africans 🙂

And each night for dinner, and then for a while afterwards at the “parties”, I had some company!

The cruise was a 5-night trip around UAE and Oman. We stayed in Dubai’s Port Rashid the first night, then headed up to Muscat, across to Khor Fakkan (Fujeirah), over to Khasab and finally ending in Abu Dhabi. Since I have lived in the UAE for 5 years now, and done most touristy things, I decided to not get off the boat in Muscat, nor in Fujeirah. I did, however, decide to get off in Khasab, which was unfortunately a bit of a disappointment. It was a tiny little town, much like all other tiny towns in this part of the world. So, I had sort of seen it all before. But, saying that, for the *real* tourists, I am sure they had a great time! It is interesting seeing how these old towns work.

The cruise was onboard the Costa Classica, which is one of the smallest boats in the Costa fleet. It was a lovely boat though! The crew did a great job of keeping us entertained in the evenings (which is when we sailed between each port), and during the day, while stopped in each port there were swimming pools, a gym, a spa, a running track etc. to keep one occupied. And lots of sun (hence my ridiculous suntan burn in the photos!)

Yes, cruises are often referred to as “old people’s holidays, and yes, this one was mostly filled with people old enough to be my grandparents… But I needed the time out, and the alone-time gave me the solitude I needed at the time. However, saying that, I do recommend cruising as a holiday for people of all ages. You might need to do slightly more exciting routes in order for it to be a bit livelier than this one was, but they are good fun, and an exciting way to travel!









3 thoughts on “The lonely cruiser

    • The dinners were excellent!!! I found the breakfasts and lunches to be very “buffet” in that they were very simple and “mass-prepared”. However, saying that, there was nothing wrong with them taste-wise; just very plain.
      I enjoyed the mid-afternoon tea & pastries (they made the most delicious cookies!), and late afternoon pizzas were always very tasty 🙂


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