Murder mystery dinners!

Many, many years ago I went to a Murder Mystery Dinner which was hosted by a friend. It was a night filled with lots of laughter, but I don’t remember much else about it. Oh, except that it’s quite like playing the game Cluedo (or Clue, for anyone North American….)

So, late last year I had this idea to have a Murder Mystery dinner for my birthday this year. Of course, my birthday is not conducive to parties on the day (31st December!!) so I set aside a date in January when I knew that there was nothing else going on.

I did a whole lot of searching on Google for ideas on how to go about this whole thing. There are soooooo many different options out there – it just depends on what you want. They have parties for 8 people, parties for 200 people. Parties where you get a company to come and host the dinner (catering included, if you like!), parties where you buy a boxset, or parties where you buy the package online and download. In the end I opted for the download option since I was not sure about a) how long delivery to the UAE would take, b) if they even would deliver to the UAE. And I was not going to risk things falling apart at the last minute.

Then, I had to decide on what theme I wanted, which meant also deciding which of the hundreds of companies out there I would use. And how much detail I wanted the night to entail. There were all these questions and considerations to take into account. Once I chose my theme, it was ordered online and I began downloading all the stuff, printing out the character books, name tags etc., and putting together the party plans.

Party day arrives and boy oh boy was it a HUGE success!!! The theme was Immortal Murders Ball. I gave my friends 3 options of costume – 1) something you think your character would wear; 2) something magical – witches, fairies, vampires etc; 3) something you’d wear to a ball. And my friends all did such an amazing job! Everyone dressed up and looked amazing!!!

I had assigned myself a character that gets killed in the beginning of the night, and then “came back” as a “non-essential” character so that I could play host and not have to be too important in the outcome of things. But, as I learned on the night, that was a BAD mistake!! It is just too crazy to play host and also try take part… there’s too much going on all the time to have to focus on my character. So, next time, I’ll just take part and get someone to host for me.

And due to being so busy, I did not have time to take many photos, but here are a few of the night (many of them a bit blurry, I apologise in advance!) 🙂






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