Week six – RAK training

This post is slightly late, sorry but it has been an interesting week of training – I was onboard a cruise ship for 5 nights! So, it goes without saying that there has been plenty of relaxing and not much training going on, but I did do some.

Sunday 27th – 15 min jog; 5 min fast with 3 min jog x 5; 15 min jog. Did not happen.

Monday 28th – 30 minutes easy. Did not happen. I did 15 minutes on the bike.

Tuesday 29th – Rest. But instead I did 20 minutes on the bike and then some weights.

Wednesday 30th – 30 minutes fast. Did not happen.

Thursday 31st – Bike. Did not happen

Friday 1st – 90 minutes easy. Did not happen.

Saturday 2nd – Rest. I almost never have a problem with this… 😳

But, I don’t feel too guilty about all of the “Did not happens” because I walked up and down around 5 flights of stairs every day, more than once a day, on the boat. My cabin was on the 5th floor and food, pool, fun, were all on the 9th to 11th floors.

But then a small disaster struck on Friday morning – I woke up with a cough and practically no voice. And it deteriorated from there… 😦 I know it will affect Week Seven, but hopefully I’m able to kick this cough by the weekend and get in at least 1 big and one medium run before Week Seven starts.

I received my certificate for the 10km last weekend – and my official time was only 2 seconds off of my watch time … in my favour! So, my official, recorded time for the race was 55:56, not 55:58 🙂

10km Certificate - 2013

10km Certificate – 2013


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