Week 4 – RAK training

Right! This week I have managed to get myself back on the wagon into my running shoes and build up the mileage and training as planned! Yay 🙂

Sunday 13th = 30 minutes easy. I did take it “easy” but was still doing 1km in less than 6 minutes, which I’m well happy about.

Monday 14th = 15 min jog; 15 min fast; 15 min jog. Felt awesome. Ok, except for the last 2 or so minutes of the “15 min fast”, but I made it the whole way this time… didn’t have to take a slow down at 12 minutes!

I also received my race pack today – very excited now!

Race pack!

Race pack!

Tuesday 15th = rest day

Wednesday 16th = 45 minutes (35 minutes). Not the best run… my calves were not interested in cooperating, and about 1/3 of the way in I started bursting for the loo. Stoopid timing! Even though I’d done my thing before leaving the house. Just a bad run day, I guess. But I pushed myself a bit to at least make 35 minutes.

Thursday = bike. Oops… missed this one 😳

Friday = 90 minutes easy. 14km’s. I rocked! It was an awesome run…. especially considering I almost didn’t make it out of bed; had it not been for my friend L who made me eggs on toast and then kicked my ass out the front door! The run was excellent!

Saturday = rest day.

Now I just need to find someone to share my fabulous hotel room with for 2 nights… and over Valentine’s day too 😉


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