Week two – RAK training

This past week was a tough one to stick to my training goals. I am, by heart, very lazy, which I know totally contradicts my enthusiasm and love for running. And so, when the week is broken up in the middle by celebrating New Year, boy oh boy, does that make training hard. There’s the day of (31st December) which will be spent running around doing last minute shops and preparation for the party, and then there’s the 1st January = HANGOVER DAY! And then the 2nd just seems like it should also be a day of rest (oh, and cleaning up the abhorrent mess that is now my living room).

But, this year I stuck to my goals and I did my training as planned! I had to mix things up a bit in order to give myself the 31st and the 1st as days off, and it seemed to work beautifully! My training went like this for the week:

Sunday 30th = 60 minute run at the park, 9.8km’s and it felt fantastic!

Wednesday 2nd = 30 minute bike ride at the gym. I did have to force myself to go in, but once there I got through it 🙂

Friday 4th = 80 minute, 12.10km’s. Not one of my best days of training… legs were tired from 1 hour of kickboxing on Thursday, and I was just not in the mood to run. Sadly, it included a little bit of walking.

Saturday 5th = I was meant to do a 45 minute run on Saturday but my life fell apart slightly on Friday night and so my running has since taken a bit of a backseat. I’ll be back up and at it by tomorrow, 8 January, for week 3.

courtesy of Google

courtesy of Google


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