I tawt I taw a puddy tat!

I did, I did!!! I saw 3 of them 🙂

A few months back, a colleague of mine noticed some kittens in the basement parking where we work. He’d see them each morning and evening and one day decided to give them some food. He had noticed another lady in the building doing the same thing, and so between the 2 of them, they started looking after the kittens.

The lady took them to get some injections at one point, and he continued feeding them. Then another of my colleagues got involved in feeding and soon enough, so did I.

They have now become family to those-of-us-who-park-downstairs, and we take it in turns to feed them. I love driving in each morning and they recognise my car and go dashing towards my parking bay and wait for me to get out. I get greeted by these “Meeeaaaaoooooowwwww’s” and all 3 of them come up to my car and greet me. They then follow me to their food bowls and can hardly wait until I’ve finished pouring it in before they’re in there.

One of them is a little shy and tends to always stay back, but I’m hoping that with time we’ll have all 3 of them coming up to us and getting some pats.

If I was able to take all 3 home then I would, but taking one is not an option as I would feel terrible separating them… so one of these days I will get myself a kitty cat to cuddle at home! I’ll be looking into adopting one that has been abandoned or given up for adoption when the owners have left the country. There is a great charity-based company that works in Dubai – Feline Friends – and they will be my first point of contact. Purrrr!

#1 - always the first at the food     #2 is on the way

#3 standing back a little     Not sure who this is, but certainly a little cheeky on my car ;p


2 thoughts on “I tawt I taw a puddy tat!

  1. Good for you Hazypops. Just love your soft side. Where is the mother? Enjoy them!! Love Dad.
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