Dancing in the sand

This is not a new idea to Dubai (and I’m sure it’s a popular way to spend time in many other parts of the world), however, I am a recent newbie to this idea of Sandance. And I think I enjoy it a little more each time I go (make that a total of twice now!)

The idea is to get a line-up of well-known bands and DJ’s together on one day, build a massive stage (on the sand) and invite thousands of music-loving, drinking-enjoying, love-the-beach, got-nothing-else-to-do expats to Atlantis and BOOM! You have a cult, right there. And believe me, for many of my Sandance-regular-friends, they will agree that a cult it is.

Of course this madness only takes place in the winter months, and so far this season there have been 2 – the 2 that I have been to.

The first one was headlined by The Fray, with performances by Matt Kearney, Dizzee Rascal and others.

This previous one was headlined by Stereophonics, with performances by Labyrinth, Benny Benassi, Newton Faulkner and more.

Enjoy my pics that were taken at the last one – we were joined by a bunch of my colleagues, their partners and their friends.










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