I’m running again!!

Well, to be truthful I’ve been running again for a while now, however I’ve not done any publicising of it for fear of jinxing it. But, I’m sure it’s safe to go ahead now and let everyone know that I am running again. Woohoo!!!!

I ran my first 8 km race this past weekend – without knee incident – which is what has prompted me to get it out there. I had set myself an “acceptable” time of 48 minutes. I was a bit nervous, thinking that since my 6 km time was 38 minutes, I would not complete it in my “acceptable” time.

I was up at 5:30, eating my trusty old egg-mayo on toast for brekkie and getting myself ready. I got to the event at about 6:30 which allows me some decent warm-up and pre-race emptying-the-bladder-time before the start at 7:00.

I thought that I’d start off at a slightly slower-than-normal pace, especially since there were soooo many runners this time and it was quite difficult to bash my way through them. But this technique worked well – I kept my energy up and every now and then was able to push hard for a km or so and then back down again for a bit.

I hit the halfway mark a little over 23 minutes – not bad going. So I tried to push hard again. I felt pretty good throughout the race and when I got to 5 km and saw that I was on 28 minutes, I knew I was doing great – that meant that I had a window of 20 minutes for the last 3 km’s and I’m well capable of doing that. I passed the people I’d be using as my “pacers” and headed off for the last stretch. My last few hundred meters I pulled out my last reserves and gunned it – crossing the finish line at 47:42.

Now it may only be 18 seconds to YOU, but trust me – 18 seconds is a pretty long time in a race. So I was well proud of me (and my knee for playing it’s part) that I’d come in under the “acceptable” time 😛

Unfortunately I have no photos from the race since the only one of me in it, has the girl who finished just in front of me blocking me from the photo. But I have a medal 🙂 And a completed registration for the half marathon in Feb… I had wanted to see how this race went before I registered.

Which brings me to the most important point – my knee has been pain/niggle free for the past 3 months. And they have included a couple of 6 km runs, and now this race. I’ve come to the conclusion that it was the treadmill hurting my knee. I’ve done a little bit of research and although it seems strange that I’m hurting more on the treadmill, there is some support to say that I’m not abnormal. See this report.

And now I will end off with a bit of a giggle – I came across this blog about a woman’s attempt at running on a treadmill. Hilarious. Make sure you do not have a sip of coffee in your mouth. You will spray it everywhere.


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