9 girls and a pink limo

When a friend asked me if I’d like to join her on a prize she’d won, which involved a pink limo, free booze, and a few other girls, what answer other than YES do you think I’d give??!

Of course the answer’s a

We arrived at Media One Hotel, all glammed up and looking lovely. We were each (9 of us) issued with 4 drinks vouchers, as the limo ride coincided with a regular ladies night event, which entitles all ladies to 4 drink coupons.

Once the limo arrived, we were chaperoned across, had a few photos, piled in and off we went! Music blaring in the back, rosé flowing, plenty chatter and lots of laughter. The ride lasted about 45 minutes – taking us up Sheikh Zayed Road, across to Beach Road, and back down to the hotel.

We climbed out, had a few more photos, and went back into the hotel –  only to be handed another 4 drinks coupons each!!! No shortage of free booze here tonight, ladies! (Although we didn’t end up getting halfway through them, let alone finish them!)

A fabulous night indeed





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