We left the rains of Berlin, hoping to finally start heading towards better weather since we were now heading even more south, for Munich – the land of the big-ass beers!!! And lederhosen.

Bavarian traditional dress

On arrival in Munich we sadly said farewell to one more traveller – Natasha – as she headed off to family. But we said hello to Paul as he once again joined us for the 2 nights.

Our first welcome to Munich were some clear skies, and a rainbow (photo taken from the train, so not great…) – things were on the up 🙂

Many years ago I went to Germany on a Contiki tour, but unfortunately have lost my photos and most of my travel journals for that trip, and so have no real recollection of exactly where we went. I do recall, however, that I drank a 1 liter beer on the trip…. and so on arrival in Munich I began to wonder if this wasn’t possibly the place that it all happened.

Our first stop in Munich was, obviously, to be none other than the world-famous Hofbrauhaus – where they serve these monstrous 1 liter beers…. and on the way there we walked past the Marienplatz, where , would you believe it, I remembered going 10-odd years ago!!!!!




The next morning we once again welcomed a bit of rain, and so we decided to hop onto a hop-on hop-off city tour bus and see what we can, before we headed off to the English Gardens, where they have the renowned Chinese Biergarten.





That night was Murray’s birthday-eve and so we went out drinking to celebrate his birthday.

The next morning, all feeling a little worse-for-wear, we climbed back into the cars and prepared for our longest stretch of driving… approximately 7 or 8 hours.

We started off at Neuschwanstein Castle, in southwest Bavaria. This is the castle that Walt Disney modelled his castle on!

The palace was intended as a reclusive retreat for King Ludwig II, however he only ended up spending about 70-odd days in total in the castle over the years, until he died in 1886. It was then opened to the public.  You will see many displays of swans around the castle – the swan was King Ludwig II’s favourite animal.

We had hoped to get a chance to go into the castle, however on arrival we had a queue wait of 40 minutes, and would only then be able to go on the tour departing at 3pm…. but we’d then still be driving for another 5 hours. So we took some photos and left.

And headed off for the last part of our holiday – Switzerland. But not before travelling through 4 countries in one day: Germany, Austria, Liechtenstein and Switzerland.

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