Dubai skyline

Murray’s recent birthday present was a flight over Dubai – in a Seawings plane… it takes off and lands on water.

We’d been talking about doing this for ages, and each time we visited Madinat Jumeirah we’d see the advert for it and remind ourselves to look into it – and promptly forget when we left.

So, with us being away for Murray’s birthday this year, I needed to give him something that would be easy to carry (and hide) in my suitcase… aha! A voucher for Seawings will do just nicely 🙂

I booked the date only once we were back from our German travels, and when the day arrived, typical Dubai summer weather – it was hazy and yucky outside… no way to spend 40 minutes flying above the skyline as you’ll not see much. So, they postponed our trip to the next day, in the hope that things would lift slightly.

And thankfully they did. It wasn’t the clearest day of all, but it was way better than the day before and so we decided to go for it. We headed down to Jebel Ali Golf Resort and Spa, where the plane departs from, and hopped into this little 9-seater plane, and got ready for the adventure.

Between the 2 of us we took over 100 photos, but below I’ve just put some of the really good ones…. enjoy!

(For those of you who read this and don’t live in Dubai – the photos are named by the area above which they were taken e.g. Satwa)















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