Berliner Kindel

17th July, we all leave Hamburg – the boys in the BMW, and the girls in the Mini – and head south to Berlin. The boys sped off ahead of us, but with 2 (chain) smokers in the car, there were bound to be many stops along the way. And so the girls took great pleasure in arriving at exactly the same time as the boys, knowing that our little mini couldn’t go nearly as fast as their BMW 😉

The first afternoon was just spent walking around a bit, heading up to the Berlin wall and around that area.






The next morning when we woke up it was raining. But today not just a light drizzle… full on rain. So we found a little store selling umbrellas and all bought one so that the day wouldn’t be completely ruined. We headed up to the starting point of the hop-on, hop-off buses and did a city tour in the rain, along with a museum tour of “The story of Berlin” where we got to enter a nuclear bunker.




Our second (last) evening in Berlin we went on a 4-hour river cruise which travels along the Spree river, as well as many of the smaller rivers and lakes that feed into the Spree.



From Berlin, we once again piled into the “girls car” and “boys car”, and this time headed down to Munich, where we would spend another 2 nights.

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