I’ve got a bunch of…

…photos, and random-ness that I haven’t yet shared – so I will now.

Random #1

We went brunching again (back in May) – to Saffron, our favourite brunch place – but this time we went with a few of my colleagues, and Murray’s brother, Matthew. My colleagues had never been to Saffron, and, in fact, the one couple had never been to a brunch before… so they were all in for a real treat.

Saffron did not disappoint, as we expected, but the most exciting part about the day was AFTER brunch, when we headed to Zabeel Saray – the new Jumeirah property on the Palm – for some post-brunch drinking (because we never had enough at Saffron?!)

If you’ve ever seen Mission Impossible – Ghost Protocol – you may just recognise this hotel. The party that the Indian man throws, in India, is actually filmed inside this hotel. It is truly magnificent. We sat outside because one of our friends was in shorts, so it was a little warm, but we managed to get through it. After all, we had only planned on being there for a few cocktails before potentially heading off for more of a party atmosphere.




Random #2

My office had a team-building, day-out-the-office kinda thing last week… we went ten-pin bowling! It was awesome! In fact, it was so awesome that I even won a prize on the radio for saying how awesome it was… and I was live on the radio. As far as I know, only 1 friend actually heard me talking. Haha.

Back to bowling. We all left the office at 2.30pm and headed down to Ibn Battuta Mall to the bowling alley there. We’d been pre-split into teams so we all headed to a lane and got into our teams. What a blast!!! We had 2 expert bowlers amongst us – Kim, with a high score of 160 and Mike, with a high score of 230. For those who may not know – a score of around 100 is a good score.


Random #3, 4 & 5 – photos

Random night at Madinat Jumeirah – the moon looked fab behind the trees

The entrance to The Raffles Hotel

A cocktail served on dry ice – at Asado restaurant, Downtown Dubai

And that’s my random-ness for today.

We head off to Germany on 6th July for a super-duper, action-packed, wedding extravaganza holiday. My camera, and therefore my blog, will be getting a serious workout from this trip – so you have lots of stories and photos to look forward to when we return.


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