Blood, sweat and angry fans

Madonna concert – Abu Dhabi, 6 June 2012

When I first heard that Madonna was coming to UAE, in SUMMER, I was not entirely keen on buying a ticket, even though I was constantly telling myself that “you’ll never see her perform again”; ” she’s a must-see” etc.
Tickets went on sale for her first-ever UAE concert and were sold out in a matter of hours.
I’d definitely missed my chance.
And then a second concert was announced – to be held the next night, and possibly a sneaky way of announcing what was to always be a second concert, and sell more tickets.
Regardless, I was not missing out on this one.
I refrained from reading any reviews, although was still subjected to a few comments around the office – and although they were amazing reviews of the concert, there was a lot of negativity around Madonna’s actual arrival on stage. I decided to see for myself.
Roadtrip down to Yas Arena, Abu Dhabi, with a bunch of girl-friends, straight to the beer queue (which was minimal) and we then found a spot to claim for the night.
There was a constant repeat of a Michael Jackson cd on; then a DJ (with awesome music) and finally the lights went off – she had arrived, 1 hour 45 minutes late. But she had arrived.
I (we) were too far back to really see what was going on on the stage, but from the screens I know that Madge arrived on stage brandishing a gun (a rifle, I think?), with images of blood, crucifixes, and death splaying across the stage.
Yes – she came out with a bang! If you’ve ever seen a Madonna music video, then you’ll have an idea of what she’s like… and she did not tone it down for her concert.
There were a few complaints – boos even – but I believe that if you’ve bought a ticket, and chosen to come watch Madoona live, then you should have an open mind.
She was amazing!!!! I counted about 12 costume changes; the most amazing stage scenes I have ever seen depicting Gregorian churches and much more; and a 53(ish) year old woman running around the stage like she’s 15.
Well, I’m not going to continue pretending that I can write a review… I had a fabulous time at the concert, and I thought that overall the entire event was a success.
So, here are some photos I managed to snap, some (shaky) videos and a sort-of list of the songs (in no entirely accurate order) that she sang.
  • Revolver
  • Gang bang
  • Papa don’t preach
  • I don’t give A…
  • Hung up
  • Express yourself (in which she sang “Respect yourself” often)
  • Justify my love
  • Vogue
  • Human nature
  • Erotic
  • Human nature
  • Like a virgin (which was a ballad-style version, with a guy behind her, practically undressing her on stage)
  • Nobody knows me
  • I’m a sinner
  • I’m addicted
  • Like a prayer (sung with a full choir, dressed in nuns outfits)
  • Masterpiece
  • Celebration
Opening Scene  ; First song  ; Hot on stage  ; Like a virgin

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