Farewell first friend (in Dubai)!!

Just under 4 and a half years ago I moved to Dubai – not knowing a single soul, other than my boss who had just employed me (and I’d only ever met him twice, but spoken to him a fair few times on the phone.)

Anyway, I’d been here about 2 weeks when I heard about this ‘girls get-together’ where you can go meet a bunch of random girls and either take a few names / numbers away from there, or keep coming back each week and build up friendships in the group. I found myself in the former group – on that particular night I met 3 girls: Diane, Jillian and Rebecca – and took their numbers away with me.

Jillian, Rebecca, Hazel

Over the course of the next few days and weeks I met up with both Jillian and Rebecca (on seperate occasions and as a trio) and became quite good friends with them. Jillian and I parted ways for a bunch of reasons (one being that she left the country) but Rebecca and I always remained in touch – seeing each other at least every second Wednesday night for girls dinner, and then as often as possible at all other random “what-have-you’s”.

Until she recently told us that her company, who brought her over to Dubai, has offered her a position in The Hague, The Netherlands. And so like so many other expats do (many of them my friends), she started preparing to leave her place of residence, say farewell to friends and prepare for the next adventure… but not before a big fat farewell party, Luau style!!!




Farewell my first friend in Dubai – it was good fun partying with you 😎

I hope you have a fabulous time on your next adventure, and be sure that we will visit you, should we make it up to that part of Europe in the next little while :mrgreen:


2 thoughts on “Farewell first friend (in Dubai)!!

  1. Awww thanks so much Hazel! Fantastic photos btw 🙂

    As I also came to Dubai not knowing anyone I was so happy that I met you girls that night in Barasti. Can you believe that was over 4 years ago now??? So many memorable occassions with you…ladies night at Boudoir…..’J’ party…double deckers nights….first world cup at meydan…to name a few that spring to mind. Oh, and there was that bizarre night of ‘dancing’ at Murrays place after that Nelson’s brunch a couple of years ago. Thanks for not disowning me after that, lol.

    Please do come and visit if you are in my part of the world!



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