Glam life

It’s no secret that Dubai is completely full of glitz and glam; always having to be the biggest and best at anything everything.

The world’s most expensive cocktail – US$7500 (AED27,321.00)

This odd price tag was derived from the following: Skyview Bar is on the 27th floor and the hotel stands an impressive 321 meters tall. There have been reportedly only 10 of these drinks ever sold – all of them in 2008. The ice cubes are made from water near the Scottish distillery; stirred with a piece of wood from the original Macallan Sherry casks; and served in an 18-carat gold Baccarat tumbler.

And so, at a Ladies night recently (Tuesday nights, all around Dubai = 3 {or 4} free drinks for ladies) we happened to start talking about this based on the setting of our ‘cheap’ night out. It was then that I decided to put together a small collection of some of the amazing places that we’ve visited on nights/days out – many of them being simply a random outing – all the while enjoying some of the most spectacular scenery one can imagine.




The next 4 photos are all of the same place – Neo’s bar on the 63rd floor of the Address hotel. I have put in 4 photos because the views are truly amazing, and they show how the surroundings have changed during, and then after the completion of Burj Khalifa!!!



These are just a few… I’ll try update this post when I take more photos of the next few places visited!


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