Birthdays back (in my original) home

Towards the end of last year I realised that I’d not seen my mom in about 1.5 years – Megs had been over, as well as James, and so I decided it was time for a visit home and coincided it with mom’s birthday.

Once again it was a short visit, which means that it was extremely busy – making sure I saw as many of my friends as possible, all the while trying to do a little bit of relaxing! Each day involved at least 2 seperate plans – one for lunch with person(s) A and one for dinner with person(s) B.  But while it is great feeling like a rockstar with so many people to see, I think that next time I come home will be a little different with not so much running around… it’s just too tiring!

Because it’s home and I had no plans to do anything ‘out of the ordinary’ I don’t have much to talk about… except for 2 occasions:

  1. Mom’s birthday
  2. St Patrick’s Day

Mom’s birthday

Mom took the day off work and so her, James and I headed up to Pilanesburg to spend the day driving around the park… hoping for some good sightings. Unfortunately all of the animals did not get the memo about me arriving, and so many of them chose to stay hidden…. even the elephants! We did not see one of them (nor did any other people that we spoke to on the day). But we did see an abundance of pyjama donkeys zebras; wildebeest; springboks, a few rhino’s; hippos; baboons; giraffes etc., and even some ostrich and a chameleon!!

I managed to take quite a few really decent photos (think I’m getting better at them 😆  ) and so you can have a look at them on my Facebook album.

Saint Patrick’s day

When I left Dubai, an invite had gone out for a whole weekend of St Paddy’s day partying in Dubai which I was quite saddened to not be attending… But, silly me didn’t think about the fact that I’ll be home with Megs who is just as big a party animal as I am, and therefore there were bound to be some sort of St Paddy’s day plans!

And so on Saturday 17th March I joined Megs and some of her friends at O’Hagans (definitely Irish!) for some green beer and merriment. I took a few photos of the day to share the fun we had… not much to actually report on the day since it was just your average 12-hour St Paddy’s day celebration!




(By the way, the 2-tone photos above were not ‘touched’… my camera – Canon IXUS 980 IS – has this awesome feature that allows me to play with colours!)

The rest of the trip was just catching up with a lot of people, having many enjoyable lunches, dinners and catch-ups with friends and family. And of course my precious monster Liquorice was, as ever, super excited to see me!


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