A snowy wedding

The first time I saw snow I was 1 year old. Suffice to say that I have no recollection of it.

I then have a vague memory from when I was about 12 years old, driving home from (presumably) Durban with my mom and sister, and stopping on the side of the road to make snow angels.

But when we went to the UK recently to visit Murray’s brother and join Marianne while she celebrated becoming Mrs Patterson, I got the chance to really see snow!! Unfortunately we missed actually seeing it snow by one day – it snowed the night before – but we did see the remnants of the previous night’s snowfall and it was so worth it! Freezing, but worth it! I even got to throw a snowball (which was actually more of an iceball) at Murray

Coming in to land, the fields were completely white.

We spent the first 4 days in the UK with Murray’s brother, Matthew, in London. On arrival at Matthew’s place in London we were welcomed by a winter wonderland…


And one of the great and fun things about the snow is that it saves you on fridge space!

Because both Murray and I have been to the UK and London before, we didn’t plan on doing much sightseeing. We spent a lot of time at pubs, or parking on the couch at Matt’s place trying to keep warm. Our only touristy thing that we did was a visit to Harrod’s as Murray had not been there before and I’m always happy to go shopping (although I didn’t end up buying anything 😕 )

Princess Di and Dodi Al Fayed Memorial at Harrod’s

One afternoon at the pub Murray was outside having a smoke and noticed the drainpipe was frozen which I thought was quite cool!

Over the course of the holiday we had some interesting pub visits:

  1. One afternoon walking around Soho we came across this pub where they brew their own beer locally, called Samuel Smith. Very tasty
  2. When we headed up to Penn to stay with Marianne we went for a visit to the oldest freehall in the UK, The Royal Standard of England – this means it is the oldest pub where they sell their own locally brewed beer and don’t have any  marketed beers such as Heineken etc.

The Royal Standard of England is a haunted pub in Beaconsfield. The sounds of a beating drum have said to have been heard in the parking lot; as well as sightings of the ghost which walks through the walls in the bar area, and the ‘ghostly’ woman in the ladies bathroom. Unfortunately I did not get to experience any of these occurrences 😦