Global Village

I have been in the UAE for 4 years now and disgracefully I admit that I have not yet been to Global Village   

Global Village: For the past 15 years, Global Village has been providing cultural entertainment along with an international shopping experience to millions of visitors.

Breathtaking live performances, mouth-watering cuisine, authentic handicrafts and merchandise from different countries await you in the many national pavilions at Global Village.

There are many more attractions including thrilling rides, games and fireworks displays to complete your visit.

So, basically it’s a huge funfair-type-thingie which runs from November to February each year… it’s HUGE, and kinda an institution, and I’ve only now made it to my first ever visit and had to tell you about the experience!

We got there around 8pm and thankfully it wasn’t crazy busy… I’ve heard of people having to wait in line for lengthy periods in order to get on the rides etc. We started slowly walking around the place, none of us having ever been there before and therefore not having much idea of how the whole place is set up.

We started off at the Pakistan pavilion – they have your basic ‘market’ kind of goods on sale: cheap, possibly fake leather; little trinkets; spices; pashminas; the list goes on. Next door to that was the China pavilion – here it was typical of a Chinese market with electronics; fake handbags; some crazy-bright clothes; etc.

We walked out of China and decided that we’d like to have Thai for dinner so we walked around a little bit more, passing all the Indian and Sri Lankan food; passing Hardees and KFC… and walked past this place which was selling some yummy-looking roti rolls so we decided to stop there and grab an appetiser. YUM!  They were these chicken with vegetable and potato triangles – kinda looked like a samoosa on steroids – and incredibly delicious, with a little kick to them.

We then came across the Thailand pavilion – selling your as-can-be-expected t-shirts, jeans, trinkets, and lots of FOOD! I settled for a Chicken green curry, Murray had a Seafood something-or-other and our friends had some prawn thingie-ma-bob and a curry of sorts (this is why I don’t write a food blog!!). All very tasty. But of course, a meal at a fair is not complete without dessert…. and so we found our way back to the waffle stand which we’d passed earlier on. Nom Nom Nom. Murray had a Belgian waffle with nutella and banana, and Mike saw a crepe stand across the way so he got a crepe with nutella, banana and strawberries. I could not resist. I joined in the crepe stand and got a crepe with nutella and banana (needless to say we didn’t actually finish all this.)


Now, with full tummies, it was time to find the rides!!

I’d read that there were roller coasters there and so was quite excited to try one all of them! But once we actually got there we I was disappointed to find out that they were kiddie roller coasters

Anyway, we were there and determined to go on at least some rides so we walked around a bit and found this ride which looked really good – “Extreme”. Well, it was EXTREME, let me tell you! It starts off not that bad, but then it starts swinging you up in the air and just when you think that you can’t get any higher, it goes higher AND twists you around, and then plummets you back down towards the ground – the bars pressing against your chest so that you can’t actually even scream! And it keeps doing this, going faster, higher, spinning you around more and more.

And then it stops.  We all walked off it and agreed that it was way more intense than we’d imagined it to be, and loved it! (Ok, Mike wasn’t *that* happy about it…)

We then saw this roller coaster which was not a kiddie one and actually looked like fun – Wild Mouse. It not only goes up, down, around like a roller coaster (no upside downs unfortunately) but the chair you’re in also spins around 360°. Yes! Mike sat this one out so the three of us got in and boy oh boy was it fun… ending way too quickly.

From there the boys decided they wanted to try the Sling Shot which they thoroughly enjoyed – saying that the worst part about it is not knowing when the thing is going to release and shoot you into the air. From there, you reach the limit in the air and you think “Ok, that wasn’t too bad” but then it hurtles towards the ground again – sending your tummy straight into your throat.

The last ride of the night that we (aka Murray and Kate) attempted was “High speed.” I didn’t manage to get a full photo of it so I’ve attempted to draw what it looks like…. from the photo and drawing below you can imagine this ‘arm’ going in a circular motion – from ground up into the air – getting faster on each rotation, and at the same time the chairs are flipping upside down and the people are being rocked back and forth. Murray says that this was the best ride out of all the ones we did, although the first one was definitely the ‘scariest.’

My drawing

Here are a few more photos I took during the night….



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