Running towards the goal post

Running. I love it. Admittedly I’ve only been doing it for about 2.5 years (and I’m not *that* good at it) but I do love it. I love how I feel after a good run. I love having a bit of time outdoors with my music and my thoughts. I love pushing myself when I really don’t want to go out (and more often than not end up loving that run). I love the feeling of crossing that finish line.

So when I’m unable to run (Knee injury) I am rather upset about it.

My physio has been going extremely well since I started in November and I am super pleased to say that I am now at a point where I am running again. Albeit running for a few minutes then walking for one minute, for a given amount of time, but it’s still running. And there’s no knee pain while doing this.

So, as part of our health and fitness at work, this year we have all had to set goals that we’d like to work towards and ultimately achieve in 8 weeks. My one particular goal is to be able to run 8kms in 45 minutes by the middle of March.

I’ve been started on an intense program of butt, glute and thigh exercises to increase muscle strength in these areas (as this is largely a reason for my knee pain in the first place) and of course, do lots of running. My best (and most enjoyabe actually) run so far was on Tuesday – 7.30kms, 4 minute run: 1 minute walk, 50 minutes.

I am feeling very confident that my goal will be obtained!

It’s been hard for me this year in terms of not being able to take part in any events… A large number of guys from work ran the Standard Chartered 10k in January which was a race I was very much looking forward to taking part in, but could not. Yes, I could have ‘walked’ the race but that kinda defeats the object for me.

And now in February is the RAK half marathon which I ran in 2010 and loved. My friend Sandy will be taking my place in the race this year – I hope she goes out and kicks some serious butt!!

The reason for choosing mid-March as my goal time-limit is because there is an 8k scheduled for 17th March. I know I’ll be in SA then but I thought it would be a good time period to work towards… to know that I would be able to do it on that day. Maybe I’ll go out and run an 8k when I get back to Dubai and see how that goes… The next 8k will only be in May so we have plenty time to train for that one 🙂

Left to right: 8km 2011; 8km 2011; 10km 2010; 21km 2010


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