For whom the bell tolls

Now that I’m satisfied with my new blog site I think I’d better catch up on some of my older posts that have not been done….

Metallica will be the chosen one!

Waaaaaaay back in October last year we were fortunate enough to get to see Metallica. These gods of rock have been around for 30 years and neither Murray nor I have seen them perform live. I unfortunately missed a chance back in 2006 (I think) due to ridiculous unforeseen circumstances so there was no way I was letting them leave UAE without shouting out for them!

We headed down to Yas Island for the concert, stopping at our ever faithful McD’s on the way for dinner, all pumped up and singing away at a few songs to refresh our memories (in fact, I’d spent the last month or so with a handful of Metallica albums in my car constantly listening to their stuff to ‘refresh’ my memory ;p )

We were rather disappointed on arrival on the island as in typical UAE-organisation, things were a royal mess. No signage, no cops to assist with traffic flow, no-one really interested in helping (or knowing!) either. After driving around for a short while (and making a few illegal turns) we found ourselves in a fabulous little spot – not a very far distance from the entrance to the arena! Good job!

We got inside and I headed straight for the merchandise queue – my boss had said I could ‘come in late’ the next morning (the concert was on a Tuesday night??!!) if I bought him 2 t-shirts. So off I went and Murray headed to the little boys room – by the time he got back I had not moved a single inch! Another UAE-organisational mess. There were about 10 rows of merchandise-buying fans, probably about 30 people deep, yet they only managed to have 5 people working up the front of the stand. I eventually gave up in order for us to attempt the beer queue. Now this was something we could get used to – straight in and out – simple! We like beer queues 🙂

The concert got started right on time and I think James Hetfield and the rest of the band were totally amazed by the welcome they received – who knew there were so many metal heads in the Middle East??? We’d heard that there were thousands of people who’d flown in from neighbouring countries such as Oman, Lebanon etc. just to come and see these guys. Now that’s a compliment!

I made the mistake then of trying to get to the merchandise stand again, about 3 or 4 songs into the show… I walked up the stand and you can imagine my excitement when I saw approximately 10 people waiting in line. But it was short lived L The girl serving us was completely not with it, battling to organise change and the shirts had been strewn so haphazardly all over the place that it took 5 minutes to find the correct size. After standing there for about 3 songs I decided to once again give up as I’d now already missed too much of the concert for my liking.

I decided to make one FINAL attempt about halfway through and was once again disappointed – but this time it was because they had run out of shirts! Can you believe it?!

After I’d gotten over my total disappointment in not being able to go back to work with some shirts I knew it was time to finish the night off enjoyably – going wild with Metallica!

They sang a wide range of songs – unfortunately I’m not too clued up on names but some that I do know are: For whom the bell tolls; Nothing else matters; Master of puppets; Sad but true; Enter Sandman; Wherever I may roam… the list goes on.



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