My knee

As everyone knows, I’ve been quite into my running for a while now and after completing the half marathon in Feb 2010 in 2 hours, 35 minutes and 37 seconds, I have been wanting to cut about 5 minutes off my time… and so I’ve started training this year again for the half marathon in February 2012.

Unfortunately my raining has not gone as well as I’d planned – I’ve been suffering with some knee pain for a little while and eventually went to the Doctor (a bone and joint specialist) to get it checked out. He did an MRI and said that he’s not entirely sure where the problem lies so I must go see a physio.
I started physio last week Thursday and had my second session yesterday and it turns out that I have a combination of patellofemoral dysfunction and a degenerative tear in my meniscus. And yes, they are about as ugly as they sound! The patellofemoral dysfunction isn’t such a nasty thing to treat and is fairly common; however because I have a degenerative tear and not just a slight or simple tear in my meniscus, we have additional problems being created.
The meniscus does not have many blood cells and therefore it is not able to repair itself very easily and so my physio has said that we should hopefully be able to repair it, but not without lots of pain and hard work.
At the moment I’m not allowed to do any running and have been told that the 10k in January is OUT. I’m fairly sure that I’ll have to give the half marathon a skip too as I’m not able to train yet.
Here’s some reading up on the diagnosis if you’re interested.

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