As the chapter unfolds!

Hi ho, Hi ho, it’s off to work I go!!!

The new job is just great – and yes, I know I said the same thing when starting the other job and look how that turned out! – but this one just seems so different. I am finally doing the things that I love doing and don’t have to constantly run everything that I do by the boss; I’m allowed to send out emails without him signing them off first; and I get left to do my job. And of course the perks, such as gym, lunch everyday and great people to work with just add to the equation!

Here’s a video clip that a friend found which she says reminds her of me with regards to how I feel about my new job:

Then, Ibiza is all set! My residence visa has come through so I’ve now applied for my Spanish visa. It takes about 2 weeks, and that was a week ago. I had to go all the way down to Abu Dhabi which was a bit of a pain but once there it was quick and easy – 15 minutes in and out. Collecting it should be a bit easier as I don’t have to be there in person so I’m hoping I can send our driver down, or ask a friend who’s down there to pick it up for me.

Here’s a sneak preview of the villas that Murray has booked.
Villa 1

Villa 2
They are expected to be next to one another so we’ll be able to party over 2 venues ;p He had wanted to only book one villa but we had around 18 or 19 people saying that they were interested and he couldn’t find one villa that could fit that many people. He then considered a villa that could fit around 16 people and just say ‘first come first served’ but it was more expensive than the 2 of these combined. So, 2 villas it is!
And then of course there’ll be plenty of partying at the clubs and a few visits to town. I’ve been told that the shopping is quite something in the markets!!

I hope you all got a chance to see the lunar eclipse on 15th June??? It was amazing! I watched it for quite a while from my balcony and managed to take a few decent photos.
I’ve still got plenty practising to do to get better photos but these came out pretty good! They span from 22h47 until 23h13.

Then we had another visitor from SA over the last week and of course, as it is, it was a crazy week of going out and doing stuff…. ending off with a wicked brunch. The week involved meeting up in the evenings for a few quiet drinks just to spend some time together (one night ended up finishing off at 2am – oops) and then the weekend arrived and it was all systems GO. But it was great spending time with Rob again and I hope to see him back here soon!!!
I took a handful of photos but have left my camera at Murray’s place so you can look out on facebook over the next week or so to see them.

But now that he’s gone, I think we’ll be taking things a bit slow so that we can rest up before Ibiza!

By now you would have noticed that my blog is a little different – visually and the name! I’ve decided that since I no longer do my updates as regularly as I used to (every fortnight) I needed a bit of a revamp and change. I hope you like the new look and feel!

Until next time (after Ibiza!)



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