A bit of this and a bit of that….

The last few weeks have been fairly quiet although we’ve done the odd thing to keep ourselves occupied.
I ran my first race (8km) of the year on 5th March – had done some fairly good training up until that point and finished the race feeling exceptionally strong. I took it easy in the race and know that I could have knocked about a minute or so off my time… but I’m happy with my time of 48m 22s.
But since then I’ve not really done much training. I’ve been out on the odd run but nothing more than 5kms. Bad, I know… but I’m battling to get motivation at the moment due to the constant stress and worry over finding a new job.
Job hunting is extremely hard work – tiring, degrading, frustrating when you never get answers / replies. It never seems to end. But I’m not stepping back. I apply for jobs on an almost daily basis and just KNOW that one day I’ll find something.
We had a mini-break this past weekend – a group of us went beach camping again. This time we chose to stay in UAE borders and went up to the east coast – Fujairah, Snoopy island. I went to this area in 2008 and loved it, so thought it would be a great idea to head back for beach camping.

We met up with one other car filled with friends (the others had gone on a different route in their 4 x 4’s) and headed off. Our friends knew of a fun little detour along a dirt road – which Murray just loved. He got to slip and slide the car all over the gravel. It was a good laugh.
We got to the camp site around 3pm and joined our friends in setting up tents for the night.

The (first) fire was made about halfway between the shoreline and the tents and everyone sat around cracking their first beer and enjoying some good old banter.

About an hour later the tide starting coming in and there was a great rush to move the fire a bit further in. That fire lasted a while and we managed to get some braaiing going on and people started eating dinner in relay. There were about 20 of us, so you can imagine the food on that braai!

During all this, we started noticing the water being a bit ‘weird’ and upon closer inspection discovered that it was full of OIL! Disgusting!

And at the same time the tide came in even more so there was a crazy scramble to now move the cars back, move the tents back and move the fire back before we all got washed out with oily water.
After that though things calmed down and the food finally got to the end and everyone settled back to enjoy the rest of the night… some shisha, a few more beers and good banter.
The next morning we enjoyed steak (?), pancakes, bacon rolls and scrambled eggs for breakfast after which we all packed up and headed home.
Some random pictures taken on a night out at Madinat Jumeirah:
Love Hazy

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