It’s a small world

We were talking the other day about how small the world is (hah!) and along that topic we found ourselves starting to realize just how many different nationalities we have amongst our group… I thought I’d share:

South African
Chinese (American)
Sri Lankan
Lebanese (Ozzie)
 There are a few other nationalities but these people fall slightly out of my personal extended group of friends and so I’m not entirely certain of where they are from so have rather left them out.

We’ve been having some seriously yuck weather out here lately – pretty chilly, windy, sandstorms etc. I missed one of the BIG sandstorms over the weekend of 28th / 29th Jan because I was chilling at home and my house faces the wrong way!
But later in the week there was a lot of sandy weather around – I snapped these shots from my office to give you an idea:
    Normal weather



   Sandstorm weather

Some news making headlines recently is that Dubai has just had its’ first execution since 2008 which is also the first death penalty since 2001.
Here are 2 links to different news stories about the execution.
The executed man murdered a 4 year old boy in November 2010 in a mosque.’smurdererbeggedforforgiveness

We had our first brunch of the year at a venue that we’d never been to before – and were certainly not disappointed! It was at Atlantis and so on arrival we took a quick detour past the aquarium and I snapped a few pics of the fishies.

The brunch was unlike any other brunch we’ve been to. The norm is for house beverages / wines / beers to be included in the set price; alternatively champagne on top of the house beverages (depending on venue and price paid.)
But this brunch – they have one set rate and it includes copious amounts of food (as per normal) plus it includes champagne, beers, spirits, jager, shooters, etc! You can imagine the craziness ;p
This year Valentine’s day was declared Dry – No Alcohol – because the Prophet Mohammed’s birthday fell on the 15th. So, that meant that going out for dinner and having a bottle of wine with your meal was out… so we ended up just having a quiet dinner along JBR Walk. But that weekend we decided to celebrate a bit with our friends instead and so Natasha and I put together a dinner party at her place. And I made the starters!! They were seriously yum!
   Parma Ham with Goats Cheese Toasties
   Stuffed Mushrooms with bacon and blue cheese
All of us on the night….
This past weekend we had another dress up party – they seem to be the order of the day lately – this time at our Russian friends’ house. The theme was communists. Lots of different ideas on the whole communism / Russian themes were enjoyed. Here’s my Facebook album: 
And with that I love and leave you once more.
Until the next time!

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