On Wednesday afternoon (4th August), I was on Facebook and a friend of mine posted this picture, asking everyone if they knew what was happening in Media City to cause all the smoke…

I didn’t pay much attention to it at the time.

That evening I met up with some friends at Pub Quiz and Nathan tells me that his uncle had been in a very serious accident that afternoon – in Media City!
Yup, the smoke was caused by a car accident and Nathan’s uncle had been fairly badly injured. Luckily he wasn’t the one to cause the accident.

Thursday morning the front page of the news tells the story:

Crazy Dubai driving!!! It’s not often that one, let alone FIVE cars will ignite when in an accident…. but in Dubai these drivers manage to do it.

The road that the accident happened on is 3 lane road, however it is in a quiet neighbourhood and completely straight.
The robots in this country are good to drivers – they warn you when they are about to change from green to red as they flash a few times, then turn orange, and then red. So really, there is no excuse for this!

And just while I’m on the topic of driving in Dubai, here’s a newspaper article and video clip of some idiots from a while back.
These clowns were on our main highway, Sheikh Zayed Road, which is a 6 lane, extremely busy road… and managed to drive around on 2 wheels!



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