Beautiful Maldives

Well, we’ve been back a week now and I still feel like I should be lying in the sun, going for a quick snorkel or having an afternoon nap.
Maldives was just simply SUPERB!I have looked at The Maldives many times as a travel agent, quoted many couples to go there for honeymoon, looked at all these amazing photos, but never actually thought I’d be there myself.

As you know, Murray set this whole thing in motion only a few days after we got back to Dubai from South Africa and it all happened very quickly.
And of course was then over very quickly!
But we have amazing memories from it – the photos barely do it justice.
Here are my photos:

Unfortunately I don’t have an underwater camera and so I don’t have any photos of the amazing sealife we saw. But I can tell you this – it was fantastic! I was very happy that I am a non-seafood eater because I would not have been able to swim with these little guys and then eat their friends later!

I’ve not ever done much snorkelling so cannot compare anything to this, but it was fab! There was a breeze everyday which made the water a bit murky but you could still see plenty! On Murray’s first dive he saw a reef shark and a turtle, and when we went back later we saw the turtle again and Murray pointed out the shark to me – which I thought was a ‘big fish’ until he told me afterwards it was a shark!
We also saw a stingray and a moray eel. I spent one of my swims following the turtle for a few minutes which was amazing!!
And also had one of the sharks (about 1.5m of him) swim straight at me until he realised that I wasn’t smaller than him and he darted off in the other direction.

The food was exceptional, the service was perfect and the prices matched! Maldives is definitely not a cheap holiday, and I don’t think it helped that we were at the Hilton’s ‘deluxe’ brand – Conrad. But it was worth it! We enjoyed set menus for dinner most nights, had a wine tasting, and Murray thoroughly enjoyed the last night – a lobster and champagne buffet. 1 x bottle of champagne (the real stuff) and as much lobster as he could fit in.

You’ll all be proud to hear that I tasted some seafood on the holiday – my first try was scallop. It was very bland, but not yucky so Murray was happy with that.
Then on the last night he wanted me to try the lobster but I just cannot eat something that’s looking at me! He ended up scooping one out of it’s shell and then fed me a piece from there – and it was yucky! I’m sorry to all you seafood lovers, but it was! All squishy and stuff… oh well, at least I tried!

The holiday was made up of sleeping late, snorkelling, eating / drinking and napping. It was the holiday to end off the holiday run we’ve had recently and I absolutely recommend it to everyone!

Now it’s back to normality and work every day.
And life gets back to normal…

Cheers for now!

Love Hazy

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