A whirlwind hits South Africa!!

Yes, that’s right… a crazy 18 day adventure involving 6 cities and 2 countries, 2 Aussies and a South African. WHEW!Murray and George decided in December 2009 that they’d like to go to the World Cup since they’re huge football (er, soccer) supporters. So they enter the draw for 3 games.
February 2010 comes around and they are given 2 out of their 3 choices of games to go watch – Australia vs Germany; Portugal vs Ivory Coast.
So the next thing to do is get to South Africa… and there was no way I was letting my boyfriend head off to MY country without me!So after many hours of planning, researching b & b’s, hotels, flights etc we finally had a trip planned.

We flew out on 1st June to Jo-burg where we spent a few nights with my mom and James, and had a lovely evening at my dad (meeting the in-laws went well!)
The 3rd of June we all crammed into James’ bakkie and headed out to Pilanesburg on a “Safari” for the boys first real taste of African wildlife.
Unfortunately the animals weren’t very cooperative, but we did have some decent sightings of rhino, giraffe, zebra, wildebeest, warthog etc.

We then flew out to Vic Falls on the Zimbabwe side and were all blown away by the place we’d chosen to stay – Vic Falls Safari Lodge. WOW! It was fantastic! From the staff, to the quality of the rooms, and the biggest thing was the watering hole in front of the lodge. We had some lovely sightings there of a herd of 13 elephants one evening, and another night were 10 buffalo!
We even had an ele coming up to the lodge (at night) having a little snack on the trees!
We had to do as much as possible in our short time there so we saw the falls on land, and by helicopter; we went on a bush walk; we went for a ride on an elephant and walked with lions. We ate warthog, eland and kudu. A trip to remember!

From there we headed off to the Cape – wet and cold. But it didn’t dampen our spirits… it was quite good to see rain (with proper drainage in the roads!)
Luckily it didn’t rain the whole time though and we still managed to get most of the stuff done we wanted to. The only thing we couldn’t do was a trip out to Robben Island.
But we did Spier Wine Estate, walked up Table Mountain, diving with Great White sharks and eating wonderful South African steaks! We did a lot of driving around enjoying the views of the Cape, and fantastic African sunsets.

We then headed off to Durban where Megs joined us for a mini holiday. The weather was beautiful! We didn’t do too much sight seeing in Durbs as the boys wanted to watch as many football games as possible, so most of the time was spent in front of the TV at a pub. But it was a good way to start winding down a bit and getting some holiday relaxing done.
The boys also got to watch their first game at the stadium here – Australia vs Germany. But we don’t talk about the result!

From here the boys headed off to Port Elizabeth for their second game. Not much to see and do in PE so their free time was spent at a fan park, along the boardwalk, and at pubs.

They joined us again in JNB (freezing cold!) for a braai at mom & James with some mates before we had to start packing up and thinking about going home.

It was an amazing holiday – one that will definitely stay in the memory banks for years to come!!

Here are some of the photos I took… do enjoy!


The next holiday is now under way – booked and paid for… just need the leave officially approved by accounts (but it’s all good!)
Maldives, here we come!!!

Until then… cheers!
Love Hazy


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