2010 off to a good start!

It’s been another few weeks since I sent an update and it’s been a pretty interesting and fun time…

2010 is certainly starting out as a good year for me and I am positive that it’s gonna keep going this way!
The first few weeks / weekends of the year were fairly quiet with only the occasional trip to the local pub as excitement, however things didn’t stay as boring as that… mom arrived for a completely whirlwind trip but it was so fantastic to see her!!!!
She landed here on Thursday 21st in the morning and luckily my boss said I could have the time off – so we got to spend some decent time together.
Of course, this trip meant meeting the boyfriend – and it seems to have gone quite well J
They met for the first time at lunch very briefly on Thursday – Murray was on a lunch break and met us at the mall for a pizza. Initial contact = success!
That evening was due to be a quiet and early one as I had my 10km run the next morning and had to be up at 04h30!!! So we made plans to go over to Murray for dinner… and things got a bit interesting here – we opened a bottle of wine to celebrate mom being here, and then Murray decided that we needed to add to the celebration… by giving mom a Bullfrog.
Bullfrog = blue / green cocktail, created in Dubai by some expat a few years back and it’s taken the city by storm!
Friday my race went very well – it should have been extremely well, but I had hurt my leg the week prior and it acted up a bit in the race… nevertheless I completed in 1 hour 45 seconds which I’m quite proud of as my first run.
We then all headed off for breakfast and afterwards mom and I went to Baby Hamish’s Red Egg party.
In Chinese culture, a baby’s first month birthday calls for a celebration. Proud parents introduce their latest addition to friends and relatives by holding a red egg and ginger party. Traditionally, the baby’s name is also announced at this time. The parents hand out red-dyed eggs, symbolizing happiness and the renewal of life.

Red egg and ginger parties have their origins in ancient Chinese culture. As in other countries, infant mortality rates in China were quite high prior to the medical advances of the twentieth century. A baby who reached one month of age was likely to survive, and so the event was celebrated.

Traditionally, this was also a time to reintroduce the mother to the world. The Chinese believe mothers are in a highly weakened state in the period immediately following birth. Just as English custom calls for new mothers to enjoy a brief period of confinement, Chinese mothers have traditionally been expected to rest indoors for one full month after giving birth. This helped ensure they didn’t become overtired, or contract any germs or illnesses from the outside world that could prove dangerous in their weakened state. Besides resting, they drank a nutritious broth made with pig’s feet, eggs, vinegar and ginger. Many new mothers still follow this ritual today.

Friday night we took mom for Arabic food which was (as always) very enjoyable!
Saturday Murray had to work so mom and I did some “mother/daughter” bonding and spent the day not really doing much, other than a brief visit to Madinat to look at the turtles.
Saturday eve we met up with Murray, Lauren and Natasha at Neo’s which is a bar on the 63rd floor of The Address hotel (overlooking the now completed Burj Khalifa – previously known as Burj Dubai.)
It was really a spectacular evening with the fountains going, a beautiful sunset, and great views over the city and ocean.
From there we all went down to The Meat Co. (and yes, it’s the South African one, just double the price!) for dinner which was good fun. Murray told the waiters it was my birthday so they all came and sang Sho’ Sholoza to me.
Sunday we had a nice lie in again and I took mom down to Yas Island to have a look at the marina and (not yet finished) Ferrari World. It was great coz there’s currently an 80-odd meter boat there which she got to see!
Sunday evening was another quiet one so we went to the Yacht Club for dinner overlooking the marina, and then headed off to Mai Tai to introduce mom to a Tiki Puka Puka – these drinks are Trader Vic’s trademark cocktail and are just YUMMY!
Monday was off to the airport and another goodbye! But, at least there are definite plans to be going home this year, just need clarification on exactly when…
The next weekend was our first brunch of the year at a German restaurant, along with a whole bunch of mates. It was a very good afternoon, and a few people came back over to Murray’s to carry on the partying afterwards.
That brings us to Feb – my training has picked up a notch as my 21km is on the 19th and I am determined to do well in it… my goal is to do it in approximately 2hours 30 minutes. Hopefully!
4th Feb – Megs birthday, so happy birthday (again) Stretch! Glad you like your pressie XX
5th Feb – Nickelback!!! Just 4 of us went to the concert but it was great fun! A really good concert to watch with fireworks on stage and a great crowd! The only 2 complaints I have:
1)Chad Kroeger (the lead singer) didn’t stop talking in between songs which was quite annoying
2)Typical Dubai organization – after the concert, they had one exit for all the concert goers… the size of a double door! And the words “Emergency Exit” written above – was very funny!
And that’s about it for now boys and girls! This coming weekend is a party that I am organizing at a mate’s place which should be fun, and then the next weekend is my night away in Ras Al Khaimah for my run! A night away with Murray gets thrown in too which is awesome. Sneak preview of our hotel: http://www.rotana.com/property-31.htm
Till next time!
Love Hazy

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