Time to breathe again

Hello all my wonderful family and friends!
This week is going to be rather boring compared to the last update I did… but one thing that I can tell you is that things are still really good over here, even if they’re a bit boring and quiet.
Work has slowed down completely so I don’t even have anything fun to write on that….
Personal life is still great! Been a bit chilled the last little while – silly season will be hitting us soon and there’ll be plenty things going on so hopefully just taking it easy for the next little while until madness prevails!
November 4th was Guy Fawkes as everyone knows and of course Dubai knows no limits when it comes to celebrating… Luckily there isn’t much animal life around here, and we also have LOTS of space over the ocean to have fireworks displays so as to stay away from hurting animals’ ears.
We were sitting on the balcony on the evening of the 4th and heard this almighty BANG and looked around and saw these HUGE fireworks being set off (what looked like) over the ocean… unfortunately we were a bit too far to get clear pictures but here’s a few…

Barasti, which is one of the oldest expat bars in Dubai, seems to be making themselves even more known and they have now introduced a stage, on the beach, where they have a DJ playing over weekends and great music! Megs, the pictures with the sax player are for you XX

Around the time of me getting back to Dubai, moving house and starting a new job was also the time that many of my friends did the same thing… Clare and Max moved into a new place shortly before I left for SA last time; Billie Jo and Steve moved into a new place shortly after I got back; Natasha moved into a new place around the same time as me; Murray and Matt are hoping to move this week… So there’s lots of movement going on, but Natasha seems to be the only one who actually got her A into G and arranged a housewarming… Nothing huge about the night, but we had a great time sitting around the table, eating good food and talking nonsense all night. (I still have not had my housewarming – the only people to actually have seen my place are Murray, Lauren and Amy! Shocking!!!)

One of the biggest problems about living in the UAE is service, and the ability to communicate information through to people.
The Parlotones were booked to play at Irish Village on 7th November at a music festival which was to see over 70 bands from all over the world play around Dubai at 12 different venues over 3 days.
Unfortunately, as to be expected, things went wrong! We arrived at Irish Village to see little notes all over the place that the headline band – Echo and the Bunnymen – were not going to be playing, and that there’d been another pull out. We weren’t too phased about that as we’d paid (AED300 EACH!!!) to come and see Parlotones so we just enjoyed the music that was being played. Anyway, after sitting there and the time came and went for Parlotones to come on (Dubai time!!!) I checked Facebook to see what was going on and there was a message from them to say that only half the band would be able to make it into Dubai – the UAE government decided that they weren’t going to allow SA passport holders in!!! After asking around a bit I found out that there had been another band the day before that had had the same problem… Not sure what is happening with it all and am busy trying to get info on it… but it was terrible! Anyway, Kahn and Neil from Parlotones got on stage and did 3 or 4 songs to keep the fans happy and then had to go straight back to the airport to fly to Moscow.
I got to work on the Sunday and decided to let the media hear my piece of mind – something I don’t normally do – but this was just poor! Freshly Ground (another AS band) had played in Abu Dhabi about 2 weeks prior to this, so not quite sure how they got it, and yet the music festival bands couldn’t…

Murray and a mate from the place he has been staying, Mat, decided they wanted to move into a place of their own and not share with so many people anymore and so they did a whole bunch of looking around recently… and yesterday moved into their new place.

It is absolutely WOW!!! Murray’s bedroom has a view out towards the sea, and Palm Jumeirah as well as a view of the entire length of the marina. The rest of the house has views of the whole marina. It’s stunning!! They’re planning on having a housewarming soon so watch this space for the photos!
Well, once again that brings me to the end… we have an eid break coming up the last weekend of November and then Rugby 7even’s hits Dubai again which should be great fun!
Watch this space for more photos and fun!
Love Hazy


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