Hold onto your seats…..!!!

Hello hello hello!
Crazy busy this side of the world and loving it! Boy oh boy has life done a complete 360 for me in the last little bit… from being unemployed and a total lazy bum to now running myself stoopid, working all sorts of crazy hours and just being on the go all the time.
BUT it has all been worth it and it makes for a great story – so do enjoy 🙂

I’m just gonna tell it as it’s been happening…

Work has been building up to a point of absolute craziness which has now come to an end, hence my blog being delayed by a week… I just did not have the time last week to get to it. And of course this way I get to include the F1 story in this issue.

My biggest project during the F1 build up has been a 110m yacht called “Dilbar” – I have had to look after her every need, including buying AED18000 worth of fruit and veg on a weekly basis; buying earplugs for the race; buying cigarettes; buying dairy; magazines… the list goes on.
BUT, I did get a chance to actually go on the boat which was amazing! I was taken around the entire boat (in a major hurry) but not allowed to take any photos. So, instead I snuck in some photos when I was on the island for either work, or the pictures at night were taken when I came on my own time.

Murray buggered off to Egypt on a boys holiday this past weekend so he missed out on all my F1 action that I got to enjoy… like a free pass to watch Jamiroquai on Friday 30 Oct, and then another free pass to watch Aerosmith on 1 November!!!!! It was great fun! I ended up taking Lauren with me as I was not going to go alone and she was not going to say no…! Of course Murray was jealous and told Lauren that she had taken his tickets hehehe
Jamiroquai was amazing and I took a whole whack of photos but they didn’t all come out too lekker coz I was bouncing all over the place. We were relatively close to the stage – probably about 15m – which was awesome!!!

Aerosmith were just out of this world!!! It’s amazing how they can still do their thing at their ages! Steve Tyler was running around the stage like a teenager and the rest of the band had no problems keeping up with him! My stoopid camera died halfway though the show so I only got a few pictures and no video, but I think the few I got were worth it… We again managed to get pretty close to the stage (closer than at Jamiroquai) because the crowd were just sort of standing there and we just pushed our way through. I heard “Don’t wanna miss a thing” on the radio today and it was awesome to think that I have now heard that song performed LIVE!

So, life is going back to a normal pace at work now but social life doesn’t stop! This coming weekend is a big one – Friday a brunch, then possibly a house warming and then Saturday THE PARLOTONES PLAY HERE AGAIN!!! I am soooo excited!
On another positive note I have been doing really well in my training for my 2 races early next year! I missed a bit this past week with being busy at work, but I made up for it over the weekend, and now back into it again this week! I have registered for both races so there’s no backing out now!!!
Some random shots of nights out with friends and the Burj Dubai…

So, I think that’s about it… busy as usual! My blog will now be every 2 weeks from today (or as close as possible) just so that I try keep to some kind of routine again…!
Love Hazy


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