Chapter 2

Hello again… I’m starting to sense a nice pattern starting here – 3 blogs in a row! It’s a record :))
So, once again I will not fail to entertain you and will keep your eyes glued to the screen for a while!
In true Hazy fashion, Dubai has been great fun the last 2 weeks and I have loads to tell!!!
Let’s start off with getting a few things covered that were mentioned in the last blog:
1) The “non” bookshelf is now a REAL bookshelf – put together one Friday morning with a wee bit of a hangover, but hey, it’s still standing!!
2) The volunteer work that I took part in was a HUGE success and the labourers were very grateful for what they received. All volunteers received a personal call from the lady who h
ad put it all together to say thanks – good stuff!
3) Unfortunately I haven’t had a chance to find out about taking up diving lessons, however it is one of the things on the “To Do” list… watch this space!
Hi ho, hi ho, it’s off to work I go….

I am officially a working girl now, and loving it!!!!!!!! There is soooo much for me to learn, but I’m slowly getting the hang of things. I’m sure by the end of the month I’ll be able to hold my own in conversations… That’s my goal.

I’ve been very involved in everything – my boss takes me to all meetings and we’re very busy at the moment.
We have officially been appointed as 1 of only 2 shipping agents who will be allowed to assist boats into the country during the F1. We’re expecting around 26 mega yachts… and had our first one confirmed. This one (called Dilbar) is 110m (yes, metres!) and it has been given to me as my first assignment. When they arrive, I’ll be introduced to the Captain and I’ll take over anything he needs assistance with… and it’s likely that they’ll be here for a few months.
Then we’ve also been appointed as the only managment company to assist with shipping for the Abu Dhabi yacht show in Feb 2010… so there’s lots of work on the cards for us!
My city, my metro – yup… it has arrived!
09/09/09, 9pm… Sheikh Mohammad cut the ribbon on the inaugural metro ride in

Dubai – however in true Dubai fashion it wasn’t open to the public, and only about 10 of the 25 stations were open!
The 10th September though it was open to the public and so a few friends and I decided to hit it and give it a try. Overall a great metro – they’ve done well in signage etc, however due to them only having a few stations open, the ones that are open are a nightmare with hundreds of people all wanting to just “have a go”. It was squashy, no order, and just plain crazy. I heard a news report this morning that over 100 000 people went on the metro this weekend! BUT I can now tick that off my list, and as soon as the metro is open by my apartment, and at my work I will definitely be taking that to and from work!
I went to a beach party the Friday before last at a house on The Palm – WOW, wow and wow! Unfortunately it was pretty hard to take pictures of the house as we weren’t allowed onto the sand to get a full view, but it was beautiful! Here are some random photos of the silliness we got up to 🙂
Sadly I’ve had to say goodbye to 2 other friends, Carol and Rajib who have moved back to New York… we had a dinner at their place on Wednesday to say bye (look at Sandy’s preggy tummy!)
Yay the BOKKE!!!

Saturday was a very exciting match to watch (bar the last few seconds where I stopped breathing…) but with all that excitement of us winning Tri Nations again, I feel it important to mention my new venture that I will be embarking on – I am joining the Dubai Exiles Women’s Rugby Team!!!
That’s right… rugby team! I’m not going to be playing rugby with them (Amy plans to play on the Rugby 7’s team in December!), but I will be training with them once a week as they need people to train with so that they can have 2 teams in training to play against each other. I am also joining their club and will be attending most of their matches to help out on the side of the field (watergirl etc…haha)

So, things are going to be quite busy for me, but a lot of fun!
How did this come about you ask? Well, this past Friday I went with Amy and Stephen to a Rugby / Netball open day where they were taking part in a Netball tournament. Now, I’m not a netball person at all, but afterwards there was a gathering of the Dubai Exiles mens and womens teams for a dinner and Amy invited me to join them… while there I happened to be wearing my SA rugby top and the coach is a South African guy. So, he asked if I wanted to join… and that’s that!
The training I’ll be joining is on Monday evenings, so my first one is tomorrow which I’m a bit nervous about but also very excited about!!!
Some random banter – well, I was driving around one day (as one does around here…) and saw a crazy man (worker) standing on the top of the metro bridge, with NO harness or anything, and I just couldn’t NOT take a photo…
Also, while at the open day on Friday, we had the weirdest weather… on arriving we saw this sand storm approaching us and some dark clouds…
The storm eventually engulfed us, blowing over fences and all sorts of rubbish – we could not see the other side of the rugby field!
Well, I think that about brings me to the end of my rambling today…
I hope you are all well and do hope to hear from you soon
Tons of love

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