A new beginning… Chapter 1

Well, I have definitely hit the ground running this time in Dubai!
As usual, I’ve been an extremely busy little girl since my arrival back in Dubai, and it doesn’t look like it’s going to stop anytime soon…So, what have I been up to then?

After my last blog, I had only been in Dubai a few days and I decided to get stuck into finding an apartment as soon as possible, just so that I could see what was out there and also because there was talk (and proof in the prices) that rent was on the up again ever so slightly. I didn’t want to miss the “cheap” bandwagon this time!

So I spent a lot of time looking at places (must have seen about 15 apartments) with all sorts of things right and wrong with them. I finally arrived at an apartment (the second last one that I had on my list) and when I walked in there it said “Hello Hazel!”
So I quickly went to see the other apartment just to get an idea and to not rush into any decisions and after seeing that one, knew that the penultimate one was the way to go.
So, after lots of rushing around to get the deposit and commission and then rent for 3 months upfront together, I finally signed the lease contract about a week later.
The keys were handed over and it’s now mine!!!
Luckily it came furnished so I have just added in my (very) few bits and pieces and made it feel like home, as well as a new bookshelf I bought at an absolute steal (AED80 – around R160!!) It had to be done 🙂
Unfortunately though, in typical Dubai fashion…. I unpacked the box on Friday afternoon to put it all together but there were no screws etc that are supposed to come with the darn thing! And you call “Customer service” and the phone just rings…. this happened TWICE!
After that I was in a bit of a bad mood and pretty tired (had been moving and unpacking boxes prior to this) so there are still a few things out of place – but at least you get the idea…
This is the non-bookshelf

The throws on the couches are also newly purchased because the couch has a terrible tear in it and has been “fixed” with sellotape!!!!
These furnishings are sort of the “building standard” because I saw some of them in the lobby going to someone else’s apartment. They do the job, and save me lots of money! At least the couches are very comfy!

The view from my balcony!!!
The rest of the house is quite hard to take photos of but the kitchen is a really good size, and I have a cool little guest loo as you walk in the front door.
In between all this I have been doing a lot of pet sitting as I have lots of spare time on my hands while waiting for work to start…. I’ve been doing a mix of staying over at houses as well as just visiting the pets during the day for some new food and a bit of love and company. It’s going well and definitely is keeping me out of mischief :o)Last week Thursday, Lauren and I had a chance to enjoy a free diving lesson – I was invited and asked her to come along. It was GREAT fun!!! We just stayed in the pool, but got down to 3.5m under water, and I even did a headstand under water at 3.5m!!!! We didn’t want to give the oxygen and stuff back coz we were having so much fun ;))
We were supposed to have photos taken of us actually diving (Lauren has an underwater camera) but the guy forgot the camera by the side of the pool… so when we were done we mucked around for a while and took these pics…

Friday 21st night (Saturday morning) marked the first day of Ramadan (Ramadan Kareem!) and to get involved in Ramadan this year I helped out at a volunteer day for a charity organisation. The organisation were putting together 1000 boxes for labourers made up of biscuits, toiletries etc for Ramadan, and they were going to be handed out at the start of Ramadan.
So, Friday midday Lauren and I headed down there (joined a short while later by some more friends) and got stuck into packing boxes, and doing some serious hard work! It was an absolutely wonderful afternoon – they fed us pizza and provided as much water and cool drinks as we needed – and everyone had a great time. By the end of the afternoon, all 1000 boxes were packed, and loaded into trucks and then taken off to the compounds.
The below link is a newpaper article on the day:
Here are some of the photos I took….

So, that’s about it for the last 2 weeks – very busy, having lots of fun and now getting ready for the start of my next chapter – WORK!
I’m sure I’ll have some interesting stories to tell in my next update!Until then, marsalama (goodbye in Arabic)!
Love Hazy


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