Issue 3 / 2009

So, another 2 weeks down, and one entire month of the year gone….. can you believe that last week Wednesday saw my one year in Dubai?! Quite scary!!!
And one year down I’m still having an absolute jol, making the most of everything (even though my car has just recently cost me over a months’ savings to fix…. I’ll get over it!) – I’m still getting out there experiencing as much of the Dubai life as possible.The last weeks have been pretty eventful in my life – work, socializing, just having a generally great time!

Work had a few ups and downs, but mostly ups at the moment. Life is getting a LITTLE bit busier for me, but still nothing very stressful…

Social life – well, of course I’ve been on the go!
It was Chinese New year on 26th January so we had to celebrate it! Sandy and Donald had us all over for a lunch on Friday 30th January which was awesome…. Sandy (as always) cooked too much, incredibly yummy food and we had a fab afternoon. The afternoon then turned into evening and we got out boardgames (Cranium) and played all night long.
At about 11pm we decided that it would be a good idea to walk down to Haagen Dasz and get ice creams – what fun! The height of Spontaneity 🙂

We sat around eating ice creams and singing our National Anthems… 🙂
Anyway, I have also done a bit of road tripping – I went with a friend this weekend past to Oman so that he can extend his visa. Lucky British passport holders (and a few others) can get 30 day visas on arrival, they just need to exit the country and enter again and viola! They have a new visa…
Anyway so we decided to take my car so that it could have a good run, and I’d get a bit of time away and just something different… and boy oh boy was it different.
The travelling was good fun – not very much to look at, but a nice drive anyway… and then once inside Oman we just sort of drove and ended up wherever the car took us.
It decided to take us to the beach – awesome! Not the most beautiful beach, but just very interesting. We found some rather interesting carcasses of sheep (we guessed) and had fun taking photos of all these things.
We then headed off to the shore and took some random photos of everything around there.
We ended off the day at Hatta Fort hotel, which is back in the UAE, for a nice late lunch and then started heading off home….

We had expected to be home at a reasonable hour, but we got sidetracked once again. We saw a whole lot of lights off in the desert up on the dunes and got really intrigued as to what was going on, so we pulled onto the side of the road at this dune buggy rental place and went wandering around the place. We were standing around watching these okes in 4 x 4’s and on some serious dune buggy’s having a wicked time, when this Arab oke in a 4 x 4 drives up to us and asks if we want to go up… we don’t hesitate in saying yes – off we go!!!
Unfortunately I had left my camera in the car so have NO evidence of the amazing things we saw, but man alive was it great…. Seeing these cars driving up a 60 degree hill at top speeds, almost colliding with one another, dodging dune buggy’s, spraying sand everywhere, getting stuck, making huge noises, and just having an awesome time. You couldn’t actually plan anything better. What we saw blew ou socks off completely!
A random photo taken from Barasti on a Thursday night….
In general the weather here is starting to get really decent – it’s still a bit chilly in the evenings but during the day is getting really nice! I’m trying to now get in as much beach / sun time as possible so that I can find my tan again.
We’ve got a nice work function coming up next week at Atlantis – should be interesting…. We’re probably all going to stay after the function and have a few drinks there just coz we can.Other than that life is same old same old… hope you’ve all enjoyed this issue and we’ll see what the next 2 weeks brings us 🙂

Love Hazy


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