Issue 1/2009

A very happy new year and HUGE welcome to everyone for 2009!
I hope that this years’ Fortnutly is going to provide you as much entertainment as 2008’s did…. However I very much doubt that I’ll have a problem finding interesting stuff to do and write about – I’ll find ways to keep myself busy and having fun :)So, this year’s first entry is not going to be about 2009 at all, but rather just an update on how 2008 ended – and boy was it fab 🙂

I’ll start off back in Dubai….
Whoever said to me that Xmas in Dubai is depressing needs to be shot in the head – I have not seen such amazing decorations and fun things to do as I have in Dubai! Below are just some pictures I took of the Fun Market at Madinat Jumeirah for xmas.

Then, we head off home to Sunny South Africa (and not so sunny Mozambique) for xmas and my birthday / new year…..
My trip home this time round was majorly enjoyable (not that last one wasn’t, but this time I actually got to relax and feel like I was on holiday!) and I got to spend some quality time with everyone and not just rush between everyone!
My first few days in SA were really chilled, visiting Michelle and Bruce with Hayley and Leon there, and the rest of the time just chilling, getting doctor’s and dentists (YUCK!) appointments out the way.
Liquorice with his (NEW) Christmas present :)))
Whew, destroying presents is HARD work!
Then on the 22nd December I flew off to Mozambique to join Megs and Aeron and their friends for a wonderful beach holiday!
It was great fun – lots of relaxing, playing poker, cards, drinking, not so much tanning (waaaay to friggin hot), and loads of good fun!

But then the heavens opened on xmas day…..

And didn’t stop! But we made the most of our time there….

We had to leave there on the 27th, and luckily had been told about a backroad to get out otherwise we would have been stuck there! And that would have been a major problem coz the rains didn’t stop until after New Year, and they had evacuated over 2000 people!

But back in SA once again life was still very chilled!
My birthday / new year was a wonderful day spent with lots of my friends, and ended off with a wicked party for new year which was absolutely awesome!
Thanks sooooo much to everyone who made it a super day 🙂

Family photos

And what would a trip back home be without a visit into the bush? So, the obligatory trip upto Pilanesburg took place where we went to visit Heather and Eddie for a(nother) xmas lunch (more pressies!!!) and a fun day out!

But, I should have known that things were just going too smoothly, and I was just way to relaxed to come back to Dubai – we head off to the airport on the 4th for me to fly “home” and that’s where the fun and games started…..
While checking in, I ask the lady to please check my bag straight through to Dubai, but there’s a look of mass confusion on her face and she tells me that the Nairobi / Dubai flight had been cancelled in the morning!
Now I had 2 choices – I could either fly that night and spend a day in Nairobi, or fly the next morning and catch the Monday night flight to Dubai.
So, I decided to rather fly the next day and get a proper night’s sleep in a proper bed…. But that decision didn’t last too long. While changing my flights the lady at the ticketing counter was telling us that the Sunday morning’s flight to Nairobi was only departing on Sunday NIGHT and she could not guarantee that I would land in time to connect to the Monday night flight to Dubai – so basically it meant that I had to fly on Sunday night and spend a day in Nairobi! But they did give us a day room (including breakfast and lunch) in which to freshen up and relax for the day.
But, I don’t relax – here I am in a new country by chance and there’s NO WAY that I’m just gonna lay in my hotel room… I want to know what the city of Nairobi holds for me. Absolutely bloody nothing! But I did enjoy a small walk around the city….

I eventually landed back in Dubai at 2am on Tuesday morning, and had to go to work that day – so needless to say my first few days back were terribly draining and I really felt like I was living outside my body!

But I’m back here safe and sound, had an involuntary (rather fun) experience along the way, and now settled back into Dubai life.

Let’s see what 2009 holds for me!
I wish every one of you the best year ahead and may all your resolutions (dreams) come true!

Love Hazy


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