Issue 19/08

Welcome once again all my favourite people!
I must admit right at the start that this week I don’t have huge amounts of news and fun to report back on, but the things that I am going to be writing about are super exciting!!!!!!I’ll start off with the most general topic… my Arabic lessons! I can now officially say my phone number in Arabic, as well as converse in a general, basic greeting. There are a few words that I am learning slowly but surely but man oh man is this a hard language to learn!!!! There are male and female words, and depending on if the word is male or female will tell you how to pluralise the word or how to put it in a sentence etc. There is sooooo much to remember and each week we have class we learn so much more, and then have to take it all away with you, remember it correctly, but not parrot-fashion! And sometimes the only way to get things in your brain is parrot-fashion, and then you don’t know how to use a certain word in another sentence… man! But I am thoroughly enjoying it and wait till I’m home in December – you’re not gonna understand me heheheheheh

Then an update on our outdoor movie-going experiences… my last update I mentioned that we had been going to a mall and sitting on the roof, on beanbags and enjoying movies. Well, things have upgraded since then! There’s another outdoor movie-going experience called Hydra openair movies…. This experience is not free like the Wafi (name of the mall) movies, but it is worth the AED50 that you pay! They have set up a cinema style auditorium on the beach (but we’re on a raised platform so not officially on the sand) and there is a MASSIVE screen that they show the movie on. Obviously you sit outside, right next to the Burj Al Arab, enjoying the movie that is being screened. We chose to watch RocknRolla which is Guy Ritchie’s new movie, and man is it brilliant! The only negative thing I can say about the movie-going experience is that they don’t have POPCORN!!!

We’ve also recently experienced some seriously strange weather in Dubai – whoever said it doesn’t get cold in Dubai needs to be shot in the head! It has been getting rather chilly lately and going out anywhere near the beach at night, or up on high-rise buildings for dinners etc, you actually need to take a jacket with you. During the day is still nice and warm, well more like a more comfortable and manageable temperature, and you’re able to be outside….
But then, the other day there was this really weird sand storm that blew in over most of Dubai covering everything in a cloud of dust…. A few rain drops followed (I had my roof down on my car and took these pictures) and then that night is actually RAINED! Like real raindrops, apparently with thunder too! I slept through this, but when I woke up in the morning the ground was WET from all the rain!!!

This weekend past was quite a weekend in history for Dubai…. Atlantis was officially opened (only VIP people were invited such as Kylie Minogue, Robert DeNiro etc!!!) and a show of absolutely amazing fireworks. Can you believe that I actually FORGOT that it was happening on Thursday night and went to bed??!! Sad, but true… however I have managed to get my hands on a link which you should go have a look at…. Enjoy!
So, that was Thursday…. Then Friday night I headed off (along with thousands of others) to Festival City to watch Kylie perform for us plebs… her first concert ever in the Middle East! And man can she perform!!!! 6 costume changes in total… in a matter of seconds! Totally amazing 🙂
I was literally at the back so battled to get some pics, however here’s what I could get… I took some videos too but they are HUGE files so I’ll have to save them to show off when I see everyone!

I have started decorating my house-let with some xmas decorations coz I’m not home to take part in the fun of putting up the tree etc… here’s my little attempt:

So, that’s where I am at the moment… work is also starting to get quite now – Siddeek goes on leave this week and I won’t see him until January again because he only gets back after I have left, so I am sure that my next few weeks at work are going to be hugely boring! But I am going to try work from home on most of the days… speaking of which, that’s what I’m doing today – working from home! We’ve had such terribly network connection problems in the office recently that today I actually gave up and came and worked from home! I suppose after all my complaining that I didn’t want home connection is actually now biting me back… I am sooooo happy that I can come home and work 🙂

My next few weeks before heading back home are going to be quite busy with a number of things, but 2 things to really look forward to this week are going to be: A Broadway production (on Wednesday night) and my first ever Thanksgiving dinner on Friday night… watch this space for details on those 🙂

Okie dokie…. That brings me to the end of this edition! Hope you have once again enjoyed it!

Love to all


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