Issue 18/08

Hello, Ciao, Howdy, Salam, Hola, Merhaba, やあWelcome once again to the regular issue of Fortnutly – I hope you all enjoyed the extra special edition last week 🙂
This week, although only one week since the last issue, promises to once again have plenty info, lots of photos and good fun all round… as usual I have been quite the little busy bee getting out and about and around!
Do enjoy!I will start by taking you back to before my Halloween party just for a bit of an update of some of the fun things I have been getting upto…

With Dubai being the insanely HOT city that it is, when winter arrives people go quite crazy and life becomes an outdoor adventure – everything takes place outdoors… even going to movies 🙂 yup, even going to movies! They have an outdoor screening of movies every Sunday on the rooftop of a mall, starting at 8pm. They have “theme nights” where they’ll play 2 movies of a certain actor and you get to stay for one or 2… and it’s FREE! Not much that happens in Dubai that’s free so it’s good fun! They have beanbags for you to lie on and do offer food and drinks and popcorn! What would a movie be without popcorn???
But, there is also a new movie-going experience which I am yet to experience (happening on the 15th November so watch this space) which is the Hydra Openair theatre… they screen movies outside, in an auditorium-styled venue… should be good fun!My job has been quite a lot of fun the last 2 weeks in that I have been able to go to 3 hotel site visits – Atlantis, The Address and The Habtoor.
Atlantis was rather impressive with pretty nice rooms and stuff, but the coolest thing was that we got to go to The Chamber of Secrets (where people normally pay AED70 to get in) for free and took some cool pictures of the aquarium they have there…

The tunnel leading UNDER the sea connecting the Palm and Atlantis
The Address is a new 5***** hotel that has opened up here and WOW! It really is an impressive hotel…. The photos below are just taken while sitting on the terrace waiting for the Sales manager to take us around. The hotel is located right next to the Burj Dubai so got quite a nice view of that!

The most exciting part of my visit there was the trip upto the 63rd floor of the hotel to the bar/restaurant they have there. It wasn’t open yet as it is only open in the evenings, but I got to take some photos of the view – luckily the weather was on our side and we had an incredibly clear sky!
The last hotel visit was rather disappointing – The Habtoor is also meant to be a 5***** hotel in the Marina but I was not impressed at all. The general décor of the place is just not up to standard and the Sales guy who took us around was sooooo boring that Diane and I wanted to shoot ourselves. Anyway, we somehow managed to get through it, enjoyed a free lunch and then again took some photos of the views around the hotel

Other than all the free lunches and hotel visits, work has been going at a rather steady pace this week so nothing too hectic to report back on, however SUPER exciting news is that we start Arabic lessons tomorrow – Sunday 9th November!!! I cannot wait!!! Our courses run on a Sunday and Monday from 5pm to 18h30 for about 10 weeks so it’s quite a long time but I’ll be able to speak Arabic soon!!! Woohoo :)My last little bit of fun to tell you all about is my weekend’s events from this weekend…. (Well, only one night of the weekend but it was a hell of a lot of fun!!)
We went Ten pin bowling on Thursday night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Man, what a jol! There was a group of 8 of us so we split into 2 teams and played 2 games each…. What fun! Unfortunately my team lost but not without some serious effort on my part – I got 3 strikes in a row!!!!! (with photographic proof too!)
After the games a few of us decided that we were still in a weekend mood and ended up going to Barasti where we did some dancing on the beach and just had a really good time out!
Um, here I literally fell over laughing at myself – I somehow managed to throw the ball backwards (hence it being behind me in the photos!!!)
So, once again we reach the end of my last 2 weeks in life…. I hope that life in your different parts of the world is treating you all well and I hope to hear from you soon!Love Hazy

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