Old Hallow’s eve….

Happy Halloween to everyone!!!!! I hope that you all had at least half the amount of fun that I did on Friday because that will mean that you had a great day!
And since my day was absolutely out of this world, I have to give you a special edition Fortnutly just for the party!I planned on having this Halloween party a few months (that’s right, months) ago – I looked at the calendar ages ago and saw that Halloween fell on a Friday this year and I thought it would be perfect to have a Halloween party here at my apartment.
I started telling my friends to keep the date open and we’d mention it every now and then, but then it started getting closer and I started getting serious!
Friends of mine found this costume hire shop which they told me about (after buying their costumes for my party right there and then!), which then prompted me to actually get off my ass and start the plans for my party….. so I sent out an email with the details of the costume hire shop and booked the date in everyone’s lives.

Then I went off to the costume shop and found myself a costume, and from there went to the Party Place where I spent a small fortune on decorations, as I have already mentioned in my last blog. However, I decided that I wasn’t happy with my costume so ended up going back and exchanged it for a GREAT costume. Megs and Theresa I feel that I need to warn you here that some of these pictures might be a bit disturbing for you…. My outfit that I finally settled on was “Spider Queen!” (oh, and please excuse the fact that I look a tad “large” in some of the pictures – the dress was a one-size-fits-all effort and therefore a little bit too large for me…!)
Anyway, I then became addicted to my Halloween party and would buy a “little” something extra for my party when I went to the shops…. I did eventually ban myself from going into any shops 🙂

And finally the day arrived – Friday the 31st! Old Hallow’s eve 🙂
I got up early in the morning and started my preparations, decorating the party room at the pool and then did my little bit of cooking (spring rolls and chicken nuggets) for the party. Man oh man what fun it was putting it all together!
Having to stick up the spiderwebs was quite freaky coz they felt like real spiderwebs and kept sticking to me whenever I tried to walk away… and it just kept on going! Amazing stuff! And then I added the spiders to the webs and it looked sooooo awesome!

A couple of my friends had asked if they could invite a friend or 2 which I was quite happy with, and when they all arrived I was super chuffed – everyone, even the people who didn’t know me, came dressed up to maximum effort! It really was an amazing evening!
Below are just some more pictures from the night of us all having a good time – captions next to the pictures will give you an idea of what’s going on….

All my decorations :)))

My outfit!!!!!

Natasha in 1920’s gear
Hannah and Vinita as a belly dancer and cabaret girl
Amy the Devil Woman
Wilma and Fred Flintstone
Kesh and Paul – a pirate and Spongebob Square pants
Geraldine and Clare – Frankenstein’s bride and a broccoli
Rebecca and Vicky – Garden of Eden?
devil lady and Scream – Look how HUGE he is 🙂

Lauren the Witch
Jodie – a Japanese Kamodo girl
The Workers – their jackets reflect the flash!
Flash off :))
My friend the spider
Oh no, it broke!

I’m not quite sure what the purpose of me doing this was… 🙂

So, that’s my extra special edition for this week – next week Sunday there will be the usual Fortnutly, so you’ve all scored big time 🙂

Love to all!
Love Hazy


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