Issue 14/08

Hello again :))))
I’ll start off by giving the bad news: there won’t be many photos in this issue as I have just been sooooooo hectic at work that I haven’t really been out and about taking photos.
But, that sorts of leads me on to the good news: work is still busy!!!
Ok, so let me get the boring old work stuff out the way… as I say it is still busy. Luckily not quite as hectic as when I first got back into the country, and my visits to Abu Dhabi are only once a week now 🙂
However, the work load is still quite high and I am still loving it! I’m still learning loads of new things around here, and get very proud of myself when I manage to do a powerpoint presentation on my own!
My latest assignment is really exciting – I am putting together an Iftar. This is the time of the day when all Muslims break their fast at sunset and have a HUGE feast. Obviously the point is to not pig out completely, but that never happens. In your average home I’m sure it’s rather a simple meal, but hotels all around the country put on dinners every evening of the month which you can join in.
I have booked us a hotel nearby the office and we will be taking up the entire restaurant. I’m really excited about it as it will be my first event that I do completely on my own… let’s see how we go!
On a more general note… there was an earthquake in Iran last week Wednesday measuring 7.5 on the richter scale. Ok, not so exciting hey?!
But, when the shock waves reach Dubai… now that’s exciting news!!!
There were tremors felt all around the UAE, including the building I work in. Siddeek told us all to get out the building, and we saw a few other people who decided to evacuate.
The next day in the paper we found out about the earthquake, and saw that buildings all over Dubai were evacuated. Quite scary!! I have put a link below with some info.
And finally on to me….
Ok, as I said in the beginning I haven’t really had much chance to get out and about to do much photo taking, or have much news for you…. but I did do 2 fun things over the last 2 weekends.
Go karting, and Wild Wadi!
Go Karting
I went with a group of friends to an indoor go karting track. Quite an expensive night out as it costs AED100 for 15 minutes, but man oh man was it fun!!! My arms were so sore afterwards! A definite must do again, and Siddeek wants us to try organise an office outing there one day 🙂
Wild Wadi
Now this was a fun day out!!! And it really helps to know people in this place 🙂
Sandy and her hubby Donald both work for Jumeirah group (Burj Al Arab, Jumeirah Beach hotel etc) so they get in for free, and they can get in friends for only AED20! However, on this particular day Sandy also had a complimentary voucher so when Jodie and I joined them, it cost us a mere AED10 to get in.
The usual price is AED195 to get in…. and that’s just getting in. You then have to pay for locker rentals, food, drinks etc.
But, the cherry on the cake of the day was – Sandy and Donald ALSO get staff food FOR FREE! So when it came to us being hungry, we just ordered what we wanted, and they produced their staff cards… that’s the way to do things around here!!
The rides were good fun, but I cannot see how they can justify asking for AED195 per person to get in. It’s criminal!

So, sadly I reach the end of my latest Fortnutly… sorry it’s so short (again!)
Man, life is so hectic, yet I don’t really have much ever to report back on. I suppose I could add in here all the times I go shopping, go to movies, etc but then you’d all be bored to death! (Unless I take photos of the awesome stuff I buy hehehe)
Seriously though, life is still wonderful here and I love every day!
The weather is starting to get to a normal temperature too so you are actually able to go outside without drowning in your own sweat within seconds. Another few weeks and I’m sure it’ll be slightly on the cool side in the evenings!
Well, time to love and leave you all….
Keep well, and keep those emails coming in!
Love Hazy

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